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The Energy of Being Real

--by Mark Nepo (Apr 07, 2008)

"Mana" is a term originally used in a Polynesian and Melanesian cultures to describe an extraordinary power or force residing in a person or an object, a sort of spiritual electricity that charges anyone who touches it. Carl Jung later defined the term as "the unconscious influence of on being on another." What Jung speaks to is the fact that the energy of being real has more power than outright persuasion, debate, or force of will. He suggests that being who we are always release an extraordinary power that, without intent or design, affects the people who come in contact with such realness.

The beautiful and simple truth of this can be seen in looking at the sun. The sun, without intent or will or plan or sense of principle, just shines, thoroughly and constantly. By being itself, the sun warms with its light, never withholding or warming only certain things of the Earth. Rather, the sun emanates in all directions all the time, and things grow. In the same way, when we are authentic, expressing our warmth and light in all directions, we cause things around us to grow. When our souls like little suns express the light of who we are, we emanate what Jesus called love and what Buddha called compassion, and the roots of community lengthen.

In this way, without any intent to shape others, we simply have to be authentic, and a sense of mana, of spiritual light and warmth will emanate from our very souls, causing others to grow -- not towards us, but towards the light that moves through us. In this way, by being who we are, we not only experience life in all its vitality, but quite innocently and without design, we help others be more thoroughly themselves. In being real, in staying devoted to this energy of realness, we help each other grow toward the one vital light.

--Mark Nepo

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On Feb 2, 2014 Brenda Mcbride wrote:

 This is very beautiful! I love it.  Let me know where I can submit my writings to. Thanks!!

On Jun 26, 2013 Agiri CJN wrote:

 It is indeed the best to be real, to be your authentic self, by so living, you will surely attract positiveness towards your self and nature would accord you as a true representative of whom you were created to be.

On Apr 5, 2013 Givemore wrote:

 Being truthful, authentic and shining for the benefit of all with us, supporting their spiritual growth, wonderful message.
Anyone who comes in your company grows as a human being in positive ways, would like to follow this.

On May 26, 2012 annaliesea wrote:
this is truly beautiful, it not only depicts humane realness but extends our views on how we as individuals 'shape others' and how important that is, we influence people to grow, i love it!

On May 26, 2012 Kathy wrote:
Beautiful reflection on the power of embracing who you really are and just being.  thank you. 

On Apr 18, 2012 David wrote:
"Just let the light touch you and let the words spill through." Life is a gift, and it is our duty as the children of light to give our lives for one another.. That is, use our gifts to improve the human condition/improve quality of life and through being ourselves to inspire one another.

On Feb 11, 2012 Arun Debnath wrote:
Hi Somik

I love and enjoy what I read in I like to share some of the articles and reflections that appear in in an website I'm trying to create called It's aimed at budding and prospective writers [without any writing talent]  who suffer from the birthing pain of becoming future writers. May I seek your formal permission to include selected articles and reflections from in clearly indicating the source and author(s) of the individual articles etc. 

Thank you for Best

Arun Debnath 

On Feb 9, 2012 abhinav wrote:

On Jan 16, 2012 T K Chatterjee wrote:

what is super natural power, SUN definitely one of the existing source of power, is there any other planates any where in universe having any kind of power / super natural power or source to be felt and would be utilized at our end for biggest harmoney.

On May 20, 2008 Shaun Stanley wrote:
Your article is inspiring and for me conforms with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ who offers all his children this peace and truth in knowing, welcoming and growing in the holy spirit that he offers to us to accept free of will.
Accepting his holy spirit brings us to our peace, truth and humbleness which exudes an energy that cannot be ignored by all those who come in contact with it.

On Apr 11, 2008 Marigrace wrote:
I am an acupuncturist who also works part-time as a Hospice Nurse in Hospice Houses. I just wanted to thank you personally for your
inspirational website. "The Energy of Being Real" struck a cord because working with those who are actively dying,apart from being a privilege, has shown me death is the really real. It has deepened my ppreciation of being "myself" of being "present" in non-attachment and as the message notes, helping each other grow towards the life. My patients know the real and have taught me. Thank you.

On Apr 10, 2008 papppu wrote:

On Apr 9, 2008 Shradha wrote:
What a beautiful thought of the week. Thank you. :)

On Apr 8, 2008 Clair Lemmel wrote:
Thought you'd like this inspirational article. love, Bonnie

On Apr 8, 2008 Sasidhar P. wrote:
Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Adi Sankara had this "Mana" or spritual power that could attract so many people towards them and their appeal is felt beyond state and national boundaries. Their preachings spread effortlessly and seamlessly. All these noble souls led such a simple life and had exhibited a personality that is full of compassion and altruism like Sun. May be we are distracted from simple truths and are driven to pursue materialistic goals leading to discontent and chaos.