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Happy Birthday, Dear Sister, by Parag Shah

FaceBook  On Sep 5, 2017 Pappu wrote:

 Nothingness means pure love.  It's beautiful poem. 


Stand In the Tragic Gap, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Nov 9, 2011 pappu wrote:

Find the balance!!!


Love without Conditions, by Paul Ferrini

FaceBook  On Sep 30, 2011 pappu wrote:

simply beautiful.... love without conditions...


Neighbors Are Our Practice, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Apr 13, 2010 pappu wrote:

Thanks for sharing this excellent article.Great reminder for all of us. I will surly try my best to practice.




What Eugene Taught Me, by Linda Lantieri

FaceBook  On Mar 30, 2010 pappu wrote:

very nice


What You Have Given Your Mind to Do, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Aug 8, 2009 pappu wrote:

Beautiful article! I read and read and read......


The Phenomenon of Boredom, by MJ Ryan

FaceBook  On Mar 24, 2009 pappu wrote:

Beautiful artical!  Enjoy the present!!


This World is Perfect, by Swami Vivekananda

FaceBook  On Mar 3, 2009 pappu wrote:
Beautiful article! i wish i can work without attachment

The Grain of the Wood, by Thanissaro Bhikku

FaceBook  On Nov 25, 2008 pappu wrote:
Beautiful! thats why we need regular "satsang" it mean we need regular company of good friend who always talk possitive.

The Energy of Being Real, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Apr 10, 2008 papppu wrote:

Power of Blessing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Jan 24, 2008 pappu wrote:
So Beautiful, so true, we are blessed! One day i would like to meet Respected Rachel Reman (RRR). I love to read her articles. she is truly a spriitual teacher of so many. God Bless Her.

Ten Rules For Being Human, by Cherie Carter-Scott

FaceBook  On Jul 10, 2007 pappu wrote:
so simple yet profound. Beautiful..

Become What You Are, by Alan Watts

FaceBook  On Jun 14, 2006 pappu wrote:
its true...just do it