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Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Mar 19, 2013 P. Sasidhar wrote:
I disagree with the author. He was trying to create a difference in serving and helping.
He portrays that helping is inferior as against serving! I feel it is an unnecessary dichotomy.
A teacher who helps the students doesn't bring down the self esteem but in fact he fosters the self esteem.
A parent helps the child to grow up. That is the beauty of the relationship. I wouldn't like to call the role of a parent as serving!
How do we conclude that any two individuals are equal? Equal in what domain? If the author's definition of serving has to be accepted..I am afraid no one can serve other person.
I feel that one can help and serve fellow creature irrespective of one is at zenith or nadir.

Fearlessness, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Feb 12, 2013 P. Sasidhar wrote:
Some fears are created by myself.  A few fears are created by others. Both these fears could be real or could be imaginary. Interestingly, some fears are felt collectively in a family and degree of fear may differ to each member of the family. Even this fear felt collectively could be real or imaginary.
The stress introduced by the fear may diminish partially if it is shared with friends and close ones. Can we resolve the stress of fear by merely giving a close look? May be it grows!
Analysing the consequences of fear and determine to face them head on is the right choice for me.
Discretion is the better part of valour. Discretion is not quality that can be ordered on demand. The quality has to be nurtured, I believe. Budha's life demonstrates to us that practicing a life style that is simple and uncomplicated propels us towards 'peace within'.   'Peace within' perhaps helps to prevent entry of any type of fears into our realm of consciousness.

Law of Least Effort, by Deepak Chopra

FaceBook  On Feb 14, 2010 P. Sasidhar wrote:

It is a great peace to start with in the new year. Read the article with least effort!

What is intrinsic in plant or fish or man manifests itself with least effort. I cant wish to perform well in every subject with least effort. It is not intrinsic in me perhaps.

Recession cant be wished away. It dawned with least effort may be!. To eliminate it is a herculean task. No matter how much I love the nature...I cant find quick-fix solutions to Recession or H1N1. I thought Law of least effort applies to actions driven in the realm of intrinsic strengths one is endowed with by birth...passed on through genes!?

Quote: "......And it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form, easily and effortlessly.": Unquote
This statement from the passage forms the crux. Does it? Correct me.



The Energy of Being Real, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Apr 8, 2008 Sasidhar P. wrote:
Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Adi Sankara had this "Mana" or spritual power that could attract so many people towards them and their appeal is felt beyond state and national boundaries. Their preachings spread effortlessly and seamlessly. All these noble souls led such a simple life and had exhibited a personality that is full of compassion and altruism like Sun. May be we are distracted from simple truths and are driven to pursue materialistic goals leading to discontent and chaos.

Indigenous Perception in a Modern Body, by Jon Young

FaceBook  On Mar 26, 2008 Sasidhar wrote:
The story was thought provoking and it raised a few questions in my mind on the article. I may not attribute my queries to indigenous perception.. Where does the queries from mentor lead to? Is there any end to such questioning? The questioning can go on till the intellect has its faculties under its control. Indigenous quest for exogenous aspects! Will this search will turn finally inward? At this stage, I am not sure what is reality.. Is the 'reality' is unique and immutable or fleeting and time dependent? Let me hope for clarity...

Living at the Right Speed, by Carl Honore

FaceBook  On Feb 6, 2007 P. Sasidhar wrote:
It is a very interesting piece of observation on fast and slow behaviour/response of an individual to meet the present day challenges. The ‘thoughts’ by Carl Honore bring out the fact that there are two sides of an individual: Internal and external. One can be fast or slow in both manifestations. There is no clear prescription, whether one should be fast or slow in both facets viz., internal and external. I believe that whether one is fast or slow, one has to be always cool and collective. One should strive for calm, careful, receptive, intuitive, patient, reflective and quality-over-quantity in all situations. The balance in physical sense of ‘slow and fast’ is very essential as Carl Honore observed. But at mental plane all the qualities he observed for ‘Slow’ should apply equally well in ‘Fast’ scenario also. To extend my reasoning little further, in a game of chess, a computer plays the game at a fast pace but demonstrates all the qualities of a slow and cool performer yet it is fast aggressive, analytical, active, unstressed, patient and not missing the aspect of quality-over-quantity. I am no way concerned with the result of the game but only prefer to emulate those super cool ‘Borg’ like attitude. A similar task is performed at different speeds by two individuals in a stress free, calm mode would lead better life. The right speed is different for both individuals.Kudos to Carl Honore. Sasidhar