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Accessing Desire As Loving Motivation, by Miki Kashtan

FaceBook  On Aug 24, 2016 Givemore wrote:

 Deep passage.........

I feel that replacing of 'coercion' and 'should' mindset with trust hall make such a huge difference. I feel like going back in time and doing so in incidents where I have been coercive with others or myself.


"My mother called me multiple times everyday and sometimes I talked feeling that 'i should attend her call'. The quality was however deteriorated in calls when frustration became obvious.

On the other hand, when she didn't call, I used to get worried whether she was ok.

Hence, one day I sat down in silence and thought about it..........
I realized that I really needed to hear from her daily as I loved her. Its only the frequency and her questions that bothered me.

That day, I explained to her that I would like to talk to her when I can give few minutes and not on the run. She understood my point for first time.

After that our calls are lesser in frequency (still couple of times a day) but good in quality."

Love helps me access desire deeply and motivates me!


Organic Gift, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Apr 3, 2016 Someone wrote:

 This explains the cause of all kinds of depressive, challenging moments - being inorganic, forced, unreal.
This passage is deeply meaningful to understand life, thank you!


Do we Use Thought, or Does Thought Use us?, by Dada

FaceBook  On Nov 3, 2013 smile wrote:

Thank you for sharing in an authentic manner. It helps others relate to their own state of mind and ponder on it. 


Letter to My Grandson, by Daniel Gottlieb

FaceBook  On May 1, 2013 someone wrote:

Thanks for sharing your observation, it is helpful indeed for others too. It is true that we create anxiety, tension and excitement etc. Its our reaction to a situation which  gets reflected in our behavior. The observance as you did is similar to what is taught in vipassana. Pratice of 'samta; and 'pragya' is very useful for each awareness.


Letter to My Grandson, by Daniel Gottlieb

FaceBook  On May 1, 2013 Someone wrote:

 Hope your journey is going good. Have faith, you may lose out on few things which give false sense of security but gain few others which help you evolve as a person. I remember my past and some of younger friends , relatives present on reading your piece. I can assure all will be good for soul, go with trust in universe!



The Most Subversive Invitation, by John O'Donohue

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2013 someone wrote:

 Being vulnerable is my new mantra. It just frees me from all fears of failure, looking good, losing out to evil or wrong, being taken for granted etc.
 So much power in this , to surrender to the unknown and now I can follow the path i decide to take. I am not bothered about anything now but my own vision and choice to live each moment. I am ready for anything for what i believe in and want to practice. Now, i live without securing all but just have everything on stake for that which counts for me.


Stop Shooting Arrows, by Thanissaro Bhikku

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2013 someone wrote:

My prayers or relief from your pain and wisdom to be able to bear with it. Hope you are trying alternate healing methods and home remedies as well. These are quite helpful sometimes.


Stop Shooting Arrows, by Thanissaro Bhikku

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2013 someone wrote:

Sir, hope your pain is less now or you are able to manage the feeling of it.  Wish you wisdom and peace.
Are you feeling alone or sad for losing your partner, that could be one reason of your pain. Please, think, meditate and try to let go of such stored emotions. Amen.


Stop Shooting Arrows, by Thanissaro Bhikku

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2013 someone wrote:

I hope you are doing better or are able to accept your congestion with wisdom. My sincere prayers for your well being and wise being. Peace to you. Amen.


The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Apr 24, 2013 Someone wrote:

You may want to add 1 word to your dictionary - 'Being vulnerable'
For what is important to you in your life, you my just want to try this. Hope it makes sense and works for you.


The Great Tragedy of Speed, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Apr 24, 2013 someone wrote:

i can see that he is talking about those times when we are so busy that anything which slows us down does not fit in. We dont smile, cant care, we are just running fast to achieve God knows what! We don't see to have patience and listening and start losing on loving relations. We may realize that we missed a lot when we stop by due to some failure or problem and see that we actually did not live at all. 


Applying Realization to Relationships, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Apr 20, 2013 Givemore wrote:


Most problems in the world exist because we consider each other separate so we want to occupy more, be selfish and win over each other and cause several problems for these. If there are no boundaries ,all these fights are resolved. I love others as much as myself, and share everything with others with love.
 The concept is very vast, and this was just one example for the same.



Why Not Be Ready?, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Apr 19, 2013 Peace wrote:

Appreciate the message and reminder not to take time and life for granted.
I specificall enjoyed learning from few lines within different comments :

I fail everyday but i try again

we are living and dieing every moment

'I will never say anything that couldn't stand as the last thing I ever say.'


Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2013 someone wrote:

The passage is beautiful and a very good message indeed. I see myself few years back, saying whatever came into my mouth/mind and then saying sorry if it wasnt apt. I was truthful and i was honest. I learnt in corporate world and with outsiders that this would not do. I was punished for what i said in several ways, not getting promotion, out of the group and regular little fights.
I changed myself speaking lesser after thinking more, but ofcourse i feel less alive now. Less fulfilled and more fearful. I do think that being in an environment where you do not fit because you are just different becomes a problem. Changing yourself and constrainting your ways to less expressive and more as per social norms is a bigger problem. I am yet to find a solution which works all the time. I try to balance by being raw & expressive with few close friends now.


Giving Somebody Your Heart, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2013 Someone wrote:

Dear Harmohan ji,

What you have stated above does exist and I have experienced it myself. There are all kinds of people, some who would accept and motivate us very soon, others who would be tough to please and others who may express negativity even when you are being good.
The understanding i derived from these experiences was that i did little good and wanted something back, in terms of acceptance, acknowledgement. I was limited. The tough and negative people who create problems, actually ask you to raise the bar. o not judge them or try to correct them, that hurts. Be even more kind, more loving, more forgiving. Be there for more sacrifices and support if you truly love them and want nothing in return. It is easier said than done.
I did maintain a distance with people who were consistently bad after few attempts of being good But I forgave them. I also continued to care for their important needs though i kept myself away from day to day conversations. I was being taken for granted so that became less and I got some consideration from their end plus i freed myself from thinking and worrying about them too much.

Hope this helps in some way.


The Only Power of the Mystic, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2013 someone wrote:

 It is beautiful to realize that love is not only expressed as love , goodness or kindness but also as tolerance, patience, humbleness etc. Loving enough can do wonders, hope we all increase our capacity to love day on day. Amen.


Watching Volcanoes Explode, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Apr 7, 2013 Peace wrote:

 I am grateful for this reading, this is so educational in terms of understanding ourselves. I have been able to see my own anger, fear or other emotions few times but after they are there and I have reacted. This is a good achievement de to meditation i would say as earlier i was completely unaware. However, observing the beginning of these is a new idea to me altogether and yes it is thrilling.
The complete post is quite informative on observing self and comments as usual are very helpful. I plan to read the book and other links posted in reading and comments. Thank you for so much wisdom in the beginning of week.
Love this group.


The Energy of Being Real, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Apr 5, 2013 Givemore wrote:

 Being truthful, authentic and shining for the benefit of all with us, supporting their spiritual growth, wonderful message.
Anyone who comes in your company grows as a human being in positive ways, would like to follow this.


Processing Anger With An Open Heart, by John Robbins and Ann Mortifee

FaceBook  On Feb 14, 2013 Some one wrote:
Anger has been my issue from beginning. I am not sure why unfair attitude or my perceiving of another as wrong caused anger in me several times since childhood. It has lessened now, but still exists sometimes.
Probably, I feel vulnerable in such situations when the other person would not follow values and get angry , want to set things right and end up leaving a bad impression with nothing changing in that moment atleast.
I felt it was being weak to bear with such situations without revolting head-on against them, to let people know, this is not accepted.
Not been very successful with the whole thing though, still not sure what's good way to handle such situations. Trying to be more peaceful within by practicing meditation and silence.
Thanks a lot for bringing this up and providing valuable suggestions.

Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindberg

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2013 Peace wrote:
I went in for an hour of silence before reading this passage. Silence , I said to myself means silence of creating new thoughts, judgements, or imaginations. Silence shall mean just receiving, listening and accepting as it is. No desire for coming out of the posture due to pain in leg or even using the time most effectively etc. Just let it be silence of senses and head.

It was a great feeling indeed, I got peaceful with trying this practice of silence, though not perfectly.

The passage gave me exactly similar message. Accept, keep patience, and have faith, be silent and there shall be beautiful gifts pouring out , just what you need.

Thanks for the enlightenment through passage and comments..