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The Great Dictator, by Charlie Chaplin

FaceBook  On Feb 14, 2012 arundebnath wrote:
I did not watch the movie but find excerpts very moving and uplifting - it takes my mind off to a different level - only up, up and up...what a wonderful feeling. Thanks for sharing the reflection.

The Energy of Being Real, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Feb 11, 2012 Arun Debnath wrote:
Hi Somik

I love and enjoy what I read in I like to share some of the articles and reflections that appear in in an website I'm trying to create called It's aimed at budding and prospective writers [without any writing talent]  who suffer from the birthing pain of becoming future writers. May I seek your formal permission to include selected articles and reflections from in clearly indicating the source and author(s) of the individual articles etc. 

Thank you for Best

Arun Debnath 


A Spiritual Conspiracy, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 29, 2011 arundebnath wrote:

 Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I myself feel part of the journey without realising doing the walking. It's fantastic, lovingly joyous to read through the passages. The author is not surely unknown but anonymous perhaps. That does not matter, what matters is that it's wonderful and gives one so much pleasure with the feeling that you're also  journeying along the universe. It made me pause for a thought!


Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts., by Jonathan Franzen

FaceBook  On Jun 18, 2011 arundebnath wrote:

 I just love the story and the added reflections - you're just a bunch of wonderful people who make ordinary peoople like myself think better, see better and love the world a bit deeper. 

I'm no longer a young college student but still I feel angry and frustrated that I can't stop unfairness in the world and man-made destruction of the planet earth. Then again, when I see flower the bud opens so lovingly to give and get love, I feel a loving world afterall. Love for all of you.



Cultivation of that Dormant Love, by Radhanath Swami

FaceBook  On Apr 6, 2011 Monalisa [pseudonym] wrote:

 Just to say Namaste and gratitude for all your lovely stories and comments lovingly sharing with us.

Monalisa [pseudonym]