Futility of Search

Author Unknown
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The disciple looked at the Master. So calm and peaceful while he himself was so agitated, restless and confused. 
He asked the Master, “What do you know that I don’t know?” And the Master simply replied, “I know nothing.”
“But you understand something that I don't.” The Master said, “I have understood that there is nothing to understand.” 
The disciple persisted, “But I see that you have reached.” In a matter of fact tone, the Master added, “Yes I have reached where I was.”
“Yet, I can see you have become extraordinary.”
Master: “No, I have become very ordinary. I only accepted things as they are.”
The disciple was frustrated now.  “Master, don’t speak in riddles.  Just tell me what I should do?” 
Master: “You have to do nothing, just be. Just allow life to flow, don’t interfere. Rest in your beingness.” 
However, the disciple was lost, and even more frustrated.  His mind wanted activity while the Master kept pointing out that there is nothing to do, just rest. 
Finally out of compassion, the Master suggested, "Watch your breath, watch the rising and falling of your stomach, focus on your third eye, on the bottom of your spine, chant your mantras and all that.  They are basic activities to quiet the mind.  When you give a tree to a monkey, the monkey goes up and down till he become tired.  Then he finally rests.  In that resting, insight finally awakens. "
--Author Unknown

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