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Half A Pomegranate, by Brian Conroy

FaceBook  On Oct 17, 2021 Usha Amin wrote:
Wonderful story in the art of giving. As I read this, Gift becomes an acronym that is "Generosity intensifying fraternity togetherness"
Gift being an act of inclusiveness. That my offerings also matter, to make one feel belonged. As much as gifting is a great gesture, receiving is even bigger. I used to feel obliged to receive anything from anyone. I could give generously, but to receive was hard. It meant to seem like in lack or greedy or that you had to pay back in return, something In those terms. To accept with freedom requires a big heart as much as giving does.

Nothing and Everything, by Nisargadatta

FaceBook  On Sep 20, 2021 Usha Amin wrote:
Wonderful. Life is a flow between love and wisdom, between I am everything and nothing.
Life is the creation, is love. To realize this love and be in the flow, awakens the wisdom. To experience this awakening is to be alive.

The Difficulty In Listening, by Delshad Karanjia

FaceBook  On Sep 1, 2021 Usha wrote:
Nasruddin couldn’t hear his wife’sresponsebut thought shewas deaf.
Many times we land in the similar situation. The most common I catch myself is when I ask the other if they would like to eat or are hungry and most times it’s me who will want to eat.
Bringing my awareness to the present brings me to catch myself if there is a judgement and alsoReflecting on my response do.

Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Aug 31, 2021 Usha wrote:
As I see it , fixing comes from a place of right, helping comes from a place of pride and serving comes from a space of gratitude

Clouds In Each Paper, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Aug 22, 2021 Usha wrote:
The universe in everything and everything in the universe!

Inner Social Responsibility, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Aug 20, 2021 Usha wrote:
Beautiful article. Like the drops of water, the grain of sand, the atom of air- represent the whole, so the human mind!

The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Aug 3, 2021 Usha wrote:
In the nourishment of our attention, our assets expand and grow. This is so profound. It brings an expansion of the inner resources in being present.

Thirsty For Wonder, by Mirabai Starr

FaceBook  On Mar 9, 2021 Usha Amin wrote:
Glimpse of the Divine where you least expect- beautifully crafted article opening the contemplative mind to wonderment. Many thanks to Mirabai for bringing this to us.

The Moment We Encounter True Happiness, by Ilie Cioara

FaceBook  On Dec 14, 2020 Usha Amin wrote:
Truly resonate with ilie Cioara.
My experience of nothingness or emptiness is in the moment of pause, which is the momentbetween the in-breathand the out-breath, is that moment of absolute bliss. The bliss is us, within us, at every moment of our breath. This moment is the experience of "Unity with the Universe". The experience of "Unity is Divinty", the one-ness with the Divine!

Usha Amin

The Game Is To Be Where You Are, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2020 Usha Amin wrote:
I resonate with the words - "we might bejust one breath away from enlightenment ordeath or who knows."
Truly it's the mystery of being in the NOW as Ram Dassbeautifully mentions in this context " the game is where you are ".
Realize it is the most difficult thing to do especially during this pandemic, as the mind gets pulled in different directions of the happenings around. That said, it is also the best time to practice being in the "NOW" and accepting " All that IS". The authenticity is to play the game being fully present to oneself.