Discipline Of Tao

D. T. Suzuki
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A master called Yuan came to Tai-chu Hui-hai and asked: 'When disciplining oneself in the Tao, is there any special way of doing it?"

Hui-hai: 'Yes, there is."

Yuan: 'What is that?"

Hui-hai: 'When hungry, one eats, when tired, one sleeps."

Yuan: 'That is what other people do; is their way the same as yours?'

Hui-hai: 'Not the same.'

Yuan: 'Why not?'

Hui-hai: 'When they eat, they do not just eat, they conjure up all kinds of imagination; when they sleep, they do not just sleep, they are given up to varieties of idle thoughts. That is why their way is not my way.'


From the book, The Zen Doctrine of No-Mind.

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