Artistic Way of Living

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Image of the Week

\"Even when you look at a beautiful flower, you just talk about it; your mind interprets it. You note the color, form, texture and scent, but you never quite experience the whole beauty as it is. To experience the flower is something different than just to see it, describe it and mentally gossip about it. When you are really quiet enough to experience and sense something, you will not talk. The mind will not chatter. You will just be one with that quality -- the flower, the beauty, the experience of life. Experiencing is a total contact of being, without the chattering of the mind. This state of mind is the moment of creation.\"

\"You are sitting in front of me. I have to employ all of my energy to meet you and to experience you in this moment. Knowing does not occur by my making any idea about you in my mind. Knowing is experiencing, and experiencing is the contact of two energies. Is it possible for two energies to meet in the moment without creating the idea of time? The secret and beauty of life lies in bringing about this whole energy in the present. It is vibrantly silent and dynamically quiet. This present experiences and understands.\"

\"In the state of totality of energy you live fully and creatively. Then you will know how to meet anybody. Meeting someone is not just shaking hands, but is the state wherein energy meets energy, life meets life. In that present there is an intimate contact of two creative energies. This is a different dimensional state in which mind is completely quiet and idea activity is totally eliminated. It is the energy, the pure energy, that works, experiences, meets and creates. That pure energy is the intelligence of life, which functions in the right way. Then you are quiet, open, and yet dynamically active in this creative state. Whatever you do on this level will be artistic, aesthetic and sublime.\"

\"So, as an artist, you will have to discover the right artistic way of living. Living itself has to become artistic. You have to take this challenge of change, and bring about a revolution in yourself, in your activity, and in your whole life.\"


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