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Have your eye on the goal, but then let it all go
For everything changes, as you will come to know
Every plan you make, and every seed you sow
Is impermanent, nothing is ever yours to own

Once you realize this, oh you will see the truth
That you never were the planter of your own fruits,
But accept these gifts even if you don’t know from who
And kindly pay it forward to those behind you

Cuz ultimately, what we take will always disappear
But what we give will live on for years
So keep giving, of your stuff and yourself
Until your ego, has completely melted

Be wary of the impact that you wanna make
Instead make sure you are impacted each day
Have your eye on the sky, but still see the ants
For the small things are the foundation of all that will last

We move on
As time passes by
Let’s just hope we move from
Darkness to light
When we reach the top
And we look back, I
Hope you cry,
Filled with tears of joy, satisfied

Be careful not to accumulate too many things
Because you may just end up with a pot full of greed
And doing, likewise can also be deceiving
So I encourage you all to practice just being

Be still, be happy, be loving, be kind
Be humble, be magical, be aware, but be blind
Don’t judge, see the good in each and every soul
Use your mind when needed, but follow your heart even more

Also, don’t forget to thank God, every time you fail,
Cuz your journey from failure, will be your legacy and tale
Remember to feed birds, hug trees and bow to the sun
Until you and Mother Nature are one

The last thing, is to be grateful for all of your gifts
For gratitude and suffering cannot co-exist
When you reach this space, every moment will be bliss
And this graduating class, will mark your success

Happy, free, confused and lonely, miserable and magical at the same time
Our capacity to love is a currency that just never runs out,
Consider the likes of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa,
And may each of you tap into that generous ocean and discover everyday what it means to give,
In giving may you fully experience what it means to receive,
And as Martin Luther King Says, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve
May you all find greatness in service to life,
May you all give, receive and never ever stop dancing. Thank you.


At the pinnacle of a dizzying career, young Indian-American rapper Nimesh "Nimo" Patel was haunted by an unshakeable sense of emptiness. In his mid-twenties, he abandoned the limelight. An inner voice nudged him to radically simplify his life and find his purpose in service to others. Moving to the Gandhi Ashram in India, he dedicated himself to the children in surrounding slums. After a 7-year musical hiatus -- 5 of which were spent living with and learning from slum communities -- something inside nudged him to write music again. But, this time, in a different spirit. One that would reflect the heart of humanity. Over the past 9 months, Nimo has released a labor-of-love album, co-produced two music videos on kindness and gratitude, and embarked on a music pilgrimage -- all in the spirit of finding, practicing, and sharing small acts with great love.  Reading above are the lyrics one of his songs -- Graduation.

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