DVR Seshadri

Business, Ethics and Life

DVR Seshadri is one of the most respected Professors of business, with a teaching career of 20 years across premier b-schools of India including ISB and various IIMs. His areas of interest among others include: B2B Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. 

While thousands of country’s brightest young students have taken his courses on marketing and gained from his immense technical knowledge, yet the subtle intangible lessons from the encounters have lasted much longer. Lessons of integrity, humility and kindness. Lessons which were not really spoken in as much words, but yet, received deeply. 

His courses on leadership have had a transformative effect on many senior professionals and corporate leaders. Some would write back saying how it helped them find strength to quit their job to serve the under-privileged, while some would say how it helped them make peace with traumatic experiences, let go and move on with positivity. Leadership is more about SQ -- Spiritual Quotient, than it is about IQ and EQ, he underscores.  

While many have been touched by his deep understanding and appreciation of life, not many know much about his life journey -- which has been replete with extreme ups and downs.   

Having studied from world-class institutions -- IIT Madras, University of California and IIM Ahmedabad, DVRS went on to work in a variety of companies (public sector, family business and entrepreneurial start-ups for 15 years, last 10 as CEO). 

Holding firm ground on integrity at workplace, unforeseen events one after another, put a harsh end to his corporate career, threw his personal life in shambles, and left him in significant financial difficulties.  

Just when one would think that one has fallen to the point of no return, the unplanned sufferings in DVR’s life made way for uninvited grace, leading him to embark on a deeper spiritual journey. A journey of letting go, of understanding himself, of understanding life, and the cycles of pain and pleasure it keeps delivering us to. Thus began his deep internal and external research in the eternal question of “happiness”, which still continues till date. At the same time, DVR through his hard work and grace of the almighty, and his Guru, and kindness of many others has been able to reinvent himself professionally, as a highly respected and loved professor. 

Deeply committed to service as a way of being, he is also actively involved with several NGO’s such as Aravind Eye Care Systems, Madurai and DHAN Foundation. And most recently also with Equitable Healthcare Access Consortium

Join us this weekend for a heartful conversation with DVR, moderated by one of his students and our volunteer, Rohit Rajgarhia, as they talk about business, ethics and life. :) 

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