Live For Others

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Each one of you has some special quality, a uniqueness, that others have not. Each one of you is richer or poorer in some way than others are. If you are unselfish, good-tempered, understanding, you are richer than those who are selfish and angry and jealous.

When you learn to live for others, they will live for you. When you live for yourself, no one is interested in you. You can best attract others by your good actions. If you look around, when you attend a party, you will almost always notice some guests who are openly envious of what others have. No one wants to be with thoughtless, selfish people. But everyone is glad to be with a tactful, considerate person.

Practice consideration in your speech as well as in your actions. Be not afraid to speak truth when you are asked to do so; but do not force your thoughts on others. By the kindness and consideration of your speech you help to uplift others and make them better. It isn't always your words that others listen to, however, but the strength and sincerity behind them. When a sincere man speaks, the world moves. When he says something, others listen. Some person talks on and on, hoping to convince the hearer by the steady barrage of words. But the captive listener is only thinking, "Please let me go!" When you talk, don't talk too much about yourself. Try to speak on a subject that interests the other person. And listen. That is the way to be attractive.

--Paramhansa Yogananda

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