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What is simplicity? These days, simplicity has become a complicated topic; some will say that it lies in having less and enjoying more while others will say that simplicity is in having more but enjoying less and still others will say that simplicity is in having more and enjoying more. Let us try to understand the root of this confusion.

Simple living is a natural result of a pure and unburdened mind. Complexity arises when we occupy our minds with worries for the future and thoughts of the past, thereby losing control of the present moments to those encumbrances. For example, when we worry about what lies in front of us, we try to create nest-eggs for those "rainy" days. Overly attached to our future, we continously aim to have more and more in hopes of being better equipped to manufacture our comforts. But everything changes. No matter how much we try to preserve what we like, it passes; while we can blind ourselves with some false notion of security, we can't escape change. With this understanding, if we learn to accept rather than preserve, simplicity will naturally flow in every action.

Whether we possess more or less, if the mind is polluted with a desire to resist change, simplicity isn't possible. On the other hand, if we practice accepting, we purify our hearts, cleanse our minds, and start to live simply; each action will exemplify this simplicity and there will nothing to attain or understand. Meditation, then, is the time when we sharpen our sword of accepting and learn to pierce through the mundane desires ... so we can live simply and simply live.

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