Something Worked

Prem Rawat
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Image of the Week

The next time you see a tree, observe and take note of this, if you can. That tree represents so much that was right. So much that is right.

Somewhere, a seed fell to the ground, and that seed was right. It was good. It carried within it that marvelous potential. And then, it was the right season, and that season allowed the potential of the seed to manifest.

Then, there was the right amount of water. Too much water and it is entirely possible that the seed would have been swept away. But it was the right amount of water with the right amount of velocity. And the soil that it fell on was also right.

And so, that seed germinated. It could have fallen prey to some little animal looking for food, but it didn't. A deadly frost could have killed the little plant off, but it didn't.

And the seasons changed; each one of them was kind enough to allow the manifestation of this potential -- so it could happen, it could take place. And so, it continued. Maybe a fire came, but it wasn't severe enough to kill the plant. And droughts or floods came, but they weren't severe enough to kill it either.

And the seasons came, and somehow the manifestation of this potential continued and continued and continued. And when you look at some trees, you're not talking about minutes or even a few years. This continued for hundreds of years. And here it is. To look at that tree and say, "Something worked."

And as you look at that tree, see not only the tree but your own self in the same light. Realize the success this existence is. It is not a concept or a draft. It's real.

--Prem Rawat

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