I-ness At Arm's Length

Meher Baba
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The activities you are engaged in of serving the nation and the people are good. But to acquire the full bliss through "karma yoga", there is only one way and method. And that is, while rendering service, there should not be the least thought or feeling of "I serve. I do this work."

Real service requires selflessness and should be done selflessly. There should not be the least thought of "I-ness" or "I do this." Because such egoistic thoughts create pride, which gives rise to extremely dense and deep sanskaras, and it is most difficult to eradicate these types of sanskaras.

People all over the world do some kind of service. Some persons serve their community and some their country. But in their service, the degree of egoistic self-respect and selfishness is immense. Some serve to bring their name into the newspapers, some with a view to be looked upon highly, some to gain prominence and applause, and some to appear good and decent in the eyes of others. Thus everyone serves with an ulterior motive of selfish ambition or superior pride, and this is not serving at all. What is done is all useless, worthless and totally meaningless.

Be true "karma yogis"; serve, but serve with absolute selflessness, keeping your "I-ness" at arm's length.

--Meher Baba

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