You Are Saved By Your Love

Michael Damian
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Love is the power that reveals truth and drives our search for it. You may have noticed that if you study something deeply - an animal, a face, a piece of music - you begin to love it. You become one with it. This felt sense of oneness is the highest expression of love. When you love like this you transcend the selfish distortions and ambitions that once tainted your study. A true study and mastery of anything both demands and evokes this real love.

In the study of existence you realize your oneness with it. As the artificial divide between you and the world dissolves, the whole of existence is found to be good and worthy of love. All sense of separation is gone. There is an open, lucid awareness that manifests the joy of being. When we are joyful we do not think to go and find God. In joy we feel light as a feather, and to that lightness we know God and all that is worth knowing. 

The spiritual search is for this undivided condition. In this search, as in all things, you need understanding and you need love. The way is to lovingly work with your present understanding, knowing that love directs the work and already contains the goal. 

It is love that drives you to seek understanding, and each new step in understanding brings more love. When you lack understanding in any given moment, you are saved by your love, even if that love cries out in despair. Love ensures that revelation will eventually come like lightning, and love itself will be the light in it. So welcome the wind, the storm and the rain as you inquire into your true nature. They bring the lightning of self-knowledge. And in a flash you will behold a new heaven and earth, and know yourself as you have always been.


Excerpted from The Art of Freedom by Michael Damian.