Why Meditate

Suzanne Toro
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Meditation is the act of getting quiet and settling the mind. It’s the process of slowing and eventually stopping your thoughts, at which point you can bask in and feel the silence, trusting all that you need exists within you. When you dip into this place of stillness, you begin to touch your soul. It is absolutely one of the most divine and sumptuous ways to feed your inner and outer self.

On a physical level, meditation benefits your body; it acts as both a preventative and a reactive medicine. There are endless studies which show the direct and positive impact that meditation has on the entire human body. On a soul level, meditation impacts your personal existence and changes how you participate in and perceive your life to be. Using this tool on a daily basis will bring you peace and allow you to tap into your internal pot of gold. The infinite potential to transform and heal your life rests within you, and it is through meditation that this potential can be realized. The beauty of practicing meditation is that over time you will begin to experience its “ripple effects.” These ripples take shape in all different areas of your life: on a personal basis you are feeling grounded and centered; on a professional basis – you start to have clarity and opportunities appear; on a mental and physical basis your symptoms, issues begin to shift and healing occurs. On a spiritual basis, you begin to connect with your highest truth. Your life begins to flow. […]

Once you introduce meditation into your life, your soul and your physical, emotional, mental body actually crave the meditation, similar to the way you crave a certain food or activity. Meditation is the act of reconnecting with your internal self, your soul. You might wonder why you need to take time to meditate. Meditation replenishes the body, mind and spirit; it calms the mental turbulence, heals the physical, mental and spiritual body, and reduces stress. You would never deny yourself water or food yet the majority of humanity does not feed their soul; this nourishment is needed on an individual level and on a global level.


Excerpted from Suzanne Toro's book Bare Naked Bliss