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"The ignorant man is the not the unlearned, but he who does not know himself, and the learned man is stupid when he relies on books, on knowledge and on authority to give him understanding. Understanding comes only through self-knowledge, which is awareness of one's total psychological process. Thus education, in the true sense, is the understanding of oneself, for it is within each one of us that the whole of existence if gathered." -- Krishnamurti

Education and learning is central to everyone's lives, but people often lose track of the reasons and intentions behind that education. When in school, we aim to gather the skills necessary to get a job; when in the work force, we aim to improve our talents to get promotions; often in our spare time, we learn just to satisfy our idle curiosities. But regardless of how much external knowledge we put into ourselves, it does not bring about a significant qualitative difference in our lives. That improvement in the quality of our daily life only comes from an understanding of our own true nature, when we become aware of our sub-conscious and conscious actions. After some practice of meditation, it becomes easy to experience a greater awareness of oneself and understand how you have really educated yourself.

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