Fighting Inside-Wars Outside

Rev. Heng Sure
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I turn everything into a contest and a game; everyone becomes an opponent and rival. Driving the freeway, getting the best deal, always racing and beating the clock, making a hit and a score -- bigger, better, higer performance ... the Winner! It is said that breaking the rules wins wars. But breaking rules cause wars, too. Always trying to win, "by hook or crook" is waging war in my mind. Soon, it spills out and fills up the universe with conflict and destruction. Fighting inside brings wars outside. The little war with the rock-throwers is just a scaled down version of the bigger war going on in the world. It all starts right in my upside-down heart. "Gotta make it big! Get to the top. Be a somebody. Be looked up to and admired." So I get back what I put out. [...] When I stop competing and scrambling for (money,) name and fame, then people will stop fighting with me. [...] How will the world get better if I don't change myself?" -- Rev. Heng Sure, during this three year, three-step and a bow, pilgrimage across California

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