Sacred Mess Of Nature

Lucy Grace
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We are grateful to Rupali Bhuva for offering this hand-made painting for this reading.

A seed eventually blooms into the most beautiful flower. But first it must break down, crack open, travel through mud without any guarantees and give over to instinct and the will of existence. It does not know there is light through the mud of growth. It does not know its dismantling will lead to its blooming: but it follows impulse.

It follows the sacred mess of nature. And God is that mess. We are that mess. Intelligent mess. We cannot scream at the seed to “bloom!” before it is time. It needs water, sunlight, patience. And when it is ready, it opens. Nor can we scream at ourselves to “open!” “Heal!” Or “surrender!”

We can only meet what is truly here now, deeply and earnestly, and choose to keep opening to what is, trusting life’s innate intelligence. Our unfolding is happening in perfect timing. Like the seed, we bend, we break, we rise -- and through it all, Grace.

Once we come to experience life as the deep benevolence it is -- the wonder and magic of existence fills us, we can let go of control and see through the arrogance and limitation of a human mind, thinking it could know anything. “God” loves every single hair on your head, exactly as you are. “Spirituality” is inclusive of all parts of you, the profound and the profane. The humiliating and the holy.

From this place -- from this grace -- contractions and fears ease and eventually let go, allowing us to fall ever more deeply into surrender, into deep light -- so that it may infuse and tend the human experience, grounding God, through you, here. This is where we find the intersection of spirit and matter. The divine, everywhere.

So lay down your burdens. Take off your masks. Here is a hearth for you to rest. Here is a God who loves all of you—no matter what you are, aren’t, do or don’t do. Here are friends who see through the sacred mess of you—into the might, untamable light, and truth you always are. And in doing so, call it ever more deeply forth.


Lucy Grace is a seeker, author, mother and a poet. :) Excerpt above is the introduction of her latest book, This Untameable Light