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Love Is Not A Feeling, It's An Ability

bell hooks and Sharon Salzberg

bell hooks: It fascinates me that while we are so obsessed with romance, many of us are turned off by the practice of love. When you tell someone that there’s really a practice—a way th...

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A Map To Here

The Gnostic Writer

Many people tend to see spiritual awakening as a challenge, goal or spiritual destination  -- something to be achieved or accomplished. One advantage of seeing awakening this way is how it creat...

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You Are Not Alone

Tracy Cochran

The dark season is here in the Northern Hemisphere. And maybe it is dark for you inside as well as outside. You may feel lonely or in pain. You may fear the future. It can be a great comfort to rememb...

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When I Say I Know You

J. Krishnamurti

When I say I know you, I mean I knew you yesterday. I do not know you actually now. All I know is my image of you. That image is put together by what you have said in praise of me or to insult me, wha...

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Unconditional Love Really Exists

Ram Dass

Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not "I love you" for this or that reas...

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Stefano Carnazzi

When a bowl, teapot or precious vase falls and breaks into a thousand pieces, we throw them away angrily and regretfully. Yet there is an alternative, a Japanese practice that highlights and enhances ...

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If It Can Suffer, It's Real

Yuval Noah Harari

Many people believe that truth conveys power. Unfortunately, this is just a comforting myth. In fact, truth and power have a far more complicated relationship, because in human society, power means tw...

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Conscious Completion

Rosie Bell

Youth is peppered with conspicuous firsts. And unless we’re really trying, life's lasts can tend to sneak past, unnoticed. Your last cigarette may have warranted some ceremony. But what abou...

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Secret Kinship With The Other

Richard Powers

Perhaps genes aren’t the only thing that we’ve been shaped to try and save. Maybe altruism evolves to recognize affinity, joint purpose, shared values. Maybe nothing elicits a sense of rel...

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Self-Compassion Over Self-Esteem

Kristin Neff

The great angst of modern life is this: no matter how hard we try, no matter how successful we are, no matter how good a parent, worker, or spouse we are – it’s never enough. There is alwa...

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The Balancing Force

Swami Krishnananda

The type of security and protection that we expect in this world of human beings is based on the humanly conceived notion of what is good and necessary for the welfare of all people. But God [Dharma] ...

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Accept What Is, Lead To Improve

Marc Lesser

“Accepting what is” and trusting the Universe is an essential approach to life. But so is “fighting for change.” And if you want to be effective in business — and in rela...

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Mother Trees In A Wood Wide Web

Suzanne Simard

Elders fill a special role in any community, having earned the respect of the tribe for their life-long wisdom, knowledge, and teaching. They help link individuals to the broader community as a whole,...

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The World Feeling And The Soul Feeling

Anthony de Mello

For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? —Matthew 16:26 Recall the kind of feeling you have when someone praises you, when you are approved, accepted,...

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A Life On The Ground

Parker Palmer

Question: ... the idea of having “a life on the ground”. Can you expand on what that means to you? That brings back a really important moment in my journey with depression, and in ...

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We Are All Beggars

Chaz Howard

A lived theology of the bottom does not see the world through good and evil lenses.  This is not a denial of the existence of evil, rather it is believing that evil is something that is done by p...

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Judy Brown

What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space. Too much of a good thing, too many logs packed in too tight can douse the flames almost as surely as a pail...

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We Actually Never Experience 'It'


The "I" of the narrating mind is nothing more than a fictional but convenient construct used to organize all the separate conscious experiences occurring in the mind-system. Our very concept...

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The Difficulty In Listening

Delshad Karanjia

Nasruddin was at the teahouse one afternoon when Arif the hakim walked in. “How are you, Mullah? I hope you and your family are well,” Arif asked politely. “I’m fine, tha...

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Four B's Of Resilience And Worth

Saul Levine

One thing is certain: It is not the amount of accumulated material wealth, baubles and toys, which lead to self-appreciation and ease with one’s life. So, what is it? The genuine appreciation...

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