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Sacred Mess Of Nature

Lucy Grace

A seed eventually blooms into the most beautiful flower. But first it must break down, crack open, travel through mud without any guarantees and give over to instinct and the will of existence. It doe...

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Genjo Koan

Dogen Zenji

Enlightenment is like the moon reflected in the water. The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken. Although its light is wide and great, the moon is reflected even in a puddle an inch wid...

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Is There A Real World Out There?

Anil Seth

Here’s a commonsense view of perception. Let’s call it the “how things seem” view. There’s a mind‑independent reality out there, full of objects and people and place...

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What Is Prayer?

Rupert Spira

And what is prayer? Again, I would like to remain silent, for silence is the closest we come to God before losing ourself in that. Prayer is simply to remain as the ‘I am’ before the words...

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A Jeweler's Eye

Suleika Jaouad

Of my diagnosis, he had asked, “If you could take it all back, would you?” The answer I arrived at was this: “The tangling of so much cruelty and beauty has made of my life a stra...

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Suffering Is Never Alone But Shared

Richard Flyer

I feel and see the flow of life and death inside and outside me. Sometimes, I resist in despair, saying — why should this be, all the senseless misery? Tears are unleashed. Torrents of liquid...

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From Me To We: True Love Is A Process Of Humility

Thich Nhat Hanh

A community of people walking together on a spiritual path has a great deal of strength; its members are able to protect each other, to help each other in every aspect of the practice, and to build th...

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Achieving Peace

A. T. Ariyaratne

When an individual lacks inner peace, domestic harmony is affected. When domestic harmony is lost, peace amongst neighbors too thins out. In this manner, when the inner peace of an individual is los...

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Longer Ladders Don't Get You To The Moon

Michael Gordon

Sundials came into being over 3,000 years ago, telling time-based on shadows cast by the sun. But they were thrown off by variations in the length of days and by differences in latitude. Geometry was ...

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The Inward Sea

Howard Thurman

There is in every person an inward sea And in that sea, there is an island And on that island is an altar And standing guard before that altar is the angel with the flaming sword. Nothi...

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The Dilemma That Faces Us All

Kent Nerburn

This is the dilemma that faces us all when we decide to walk the difficult path of forgiveness. Are we complicit in wrongdoing if we do not challenge those who wrong us? Or are we contributing to the ...

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Grace In The Classroom

Francis Su

I want to demonstrate to my students that their worthiness does NOT depend on the grades they earn in my class.  Of course, I want to give my C students the same attention that my A students get....

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Organizing With Love

adrienne maree brown

My favorite life forms right now are dandelions and mushrooms—the resilience in these structures, which we think of as weeds and fungi, the incomprehensible scale, the clarity of identity, excit...

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As Way Opens

Carrie Newcomer

Lately I’ve been thinking about the traditional Quaker phrase, “Proceed as way opens.” Proceed as way opens or As way opens, is an encouragement to live with a kind of i...

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Without Ourselves

Afton Wilder

A clear glass orb floats above the cliff just off the edge representing our conscience, souls, and selves what if it shatters? becoming a puzzle of icy glass and then nothing at all? what i...

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Three Supports For Turning Towards Mystery

Martin Aylward

There are three primary supports for nonconceptual awareness. These three supports are obvious in many ways, and yet, their simplicity belies their extraordinary depth. Over the last thirty years of m...

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Conscious Complaining

Karla McLaren

Not to start on a down note, but repressing your emotions can destabilize your psyche and do a number on your overall health. When emotions fester and stagnate, your body reacts to that lack of flow w...

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Equanimity Of Doctor, Hunter, Warrior

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

There are three types of equanimity. First is the equanimity that realizes how even though you may have goodwill for all beings and compassion and empathetic joy, it’s not the case that every...

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When My Father Faced An Emergency

Nora Bateson

Someone asked me once if I had ever seen my father in an emergency situation, and if I might describe how he dealt with it. At the time I replied that I had never witnessed him in any danger, or in an...

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The Difference Between Knowledge And Understanding

Aldous Huxley

Knowledge is acquired when we succeed in fitting a new experience into the system of concepts based upon our old experiences. Understanding comes when we liberate ourselves from the old and so make po...

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