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We are at an unprecedented crossroads in human history. How we will respond? We believe that acts of courageous kindness we're seeing today will far outlive the Coronavirus, and if enough of us keep that flame alive in our consciousness, it could usher a new era for our future. Awakin Talks is a series of webinars to explore a wide array of compassionate responses to our world today.

Awakin Talks
Healing through life's creative intelligence
Webinar with Arun Sharma


Apr 24, 2021, 09:00AM IST

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Healing through life's creative intelligence

Panelists: Healing through life's creative intelligence

Dr. Arun Sharma is the Founder Director of the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene (IMANAH), USA. He has obtained his doctorate in Natural Hygiene from the Indian Institute of Natural Therapeutics.

He has conducted many training courses, seminars, National Conferences, and workshops spreading the message of good health through natural means. This has helped a large number of people return to health through the practical application of timeless laws of nature.

As the son of Ganesa Sarma and grandson of Acharya Lakshmana Sarma (Father of Naturecure in India), Nature Cure runs in his DNA. It is a delight to observe him in camps as he goes through 4 am, 9 am, 1 pm and 8 pm with equal enthusiasm.

He can be seen arranging footwear outside the dining hall in hot sun when no body is looking. And he can be seen talking to construction laborers about perils of tobacco, nudging them gently to give it up.

For so many people, he is the mentor who keeps giving unconditionally.

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Awakin Talks is organized around two core ideas. First, intrinsically motivated service creates a deeper social change than pursuing external impact alone. Second, social transformation starts with what we presence in our stories and conversations. Awakin Talks shines the spotlight of such pioneering ideas and transformative changemakers.


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