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We are at an unprecedented crossroads in human history. How we will respond? We believe that acts of courageous kindness we're seeing today will far outlive the Coronavirus, and if enough of us keep that flame alive in our consciousness, it could usher a new era for our future. Awakin Talks is a series of webinars to explore a wide array of compassionate responses to our world today.

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Business, Ethics and Life
Webinar with DVR Seshadri


Jan 23, 2021, 09:00AM IST

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Business, Ethics and Life

Panelists: Business, Ethics and Life

Professor DVR Seshadri is someone who is fondly remembered by thousands of students (now corporate leaders all across the globe) at premier B-Schools of India (including IIM Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and more, and currently at ISB since 2016)  as someone who always brought deep subject matter expertise to the courses he taught, and a sense of lightness and fun to his classes. He heartilly remarks, I am perhaps the only B-School prof who never uses powerpoints in my class. :) Interestingly, what has invariably inspired all of his students more than his subject matter expertise is deep understanding of the mystery called life (see his gripping 2 hour talk on DNA of Happiness, or checkout some nuggets here). And his personal commitment of leading a life of values, of integrity, of simplicity,  of joy, and of service. As we will get a chance to explore further, his life has its share of ups and downs, which has deepened his insight into life and allowed him to anchor himself in values. As a teacher, his mantra is -- walk, chalk and talk

Prior to his teaching roles, before 2000, he worked in a variety of companies (public sector, family business and entrepreneurial start-ups, the last ten of them as CEO) spanning a variety of industries (petroleum refining & petro-chemicals, bulk drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, precision manufacturing and software).

His areas of interest among others include: B2B Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. He is actively involved with several NGO’s such as Aravind Eye Care Systems, Madurai and DHAN Foundation, Madurai in addition to engagement with several top corporates. He has co-authored several books on these topics and developed over hundred case studies and authored several application-oriented journal articles in his areas of interest. He also spends a lot of time working with corporate and social leaders of the country, underscoring the importance of SQ (Spiritual Quotient) over and above IQ and EQ. 

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Awakin Talks is organized around two core ideas. First, intrinsically motivated service creates a deeper social change than pursuing external impact alone. Second, social transformation starts with what we presence in our stories and conversations. Awakin Talks shines the spotlight of such pioneering ideas and transformative changemakers.


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