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Peniel Joseph: The Sword and The Shield: The Struggle for Black Freedom in America

When Dr. Peniel Joseph was growing up in New York City during the 1980s and 1990s, a child of a Haitian immigrant single mother, he learned about how the civil rights movement had transformed America, ended legalized segregation, secured black voting rights and moved the nation closer to Dr....

Matthew Fox: Mysticism, Intuition, and the Divine Feminine

Last November, Matthew Fox had a riveting (and too brief) Awakin Calls conversation, hosted by Rahul Brown and Aryae Coopersmith, on the topic of "Fidelity vs Faith: Bowing to the Heart Over Authority." Matthew is a spiritual theologian and scholar of mystic...

Ruth Pittard: Service Learning and Learning Service: Love as an Operating System

“Love like life depends on it, be curious and expect miracles.” Ruth Pittard has practiced learning and transforming in love for most of her 74 years. A forward-thinking educator, she spent over 30 years supporting service-learning initiatives in her community and her...

प्रह्लाद सिंह टिपानिया : अनहद में विश्राम (हिंदी में)

Prahlad Singh Tipanya is a name that needs little introduction as one of the most compelling folk voices of Kabir in India today. He sings in the Malwi folk style from Madhya Pradesh and has an incomparable ability to sing and explain the words of Kabir, making them easily accessible to the...

Laura Emiko Soltis: Liberatory Education for the Undocumented

“We believe that radical, democratic change in education occurs through grassroots mobilization of teachers and students and the empowerment of those most directly impacted by injustice. … [C]onsciousness development is key to our liberatory education model.” – Freedom...

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