Lynne Twist

My Journey Into The Heart of Service

Our Laddership Pod is delighted to circle up for a bonus conversation this Thursday, with global luminary Lynne Twist! One of the principles of "laddership" is the art of dancing with emergence -- and this call is an apt example of it. During a call last month, Nina opened a routine breakout session with a story about encoutering Lynne; in that same session, Jen mentioned how she encountered ServiceSpace 20 years ago at Lynne's home. We sent the video clip of that share to Lynne with the subject, "Serendipity calling." That has now flowed into this precious conversation, with an open-hearted curiosity of what emergence will follow next. :) 

Lynne Twist, co-founder of Pachamama Alliance and author of Soul of Money, whose work has uniquely spanned poverty, world hunger, sustainability alongside money and spirituality. Her work has brought her into the inner circles of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Buckminster Fuller, Mother Teresa and many others. Her organizations have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for social and environmental causes. Whether she's working with orphans in Calcutta, or the refugee camps in Ethiopia, the threatened rainforests of the Amazon, or inspiring billionaire and everyday heroes to reframe their relationship to money, Lynne is a fount of wisdom and an untiring advocate for compassionate action. Amid all her accomplishments, she frequently shares how she simply hopes to "become an instrument" that can be "used well by the universe".

Below is a collage of some of Lynne's clips: