Gary Zukav

Universal Human

Author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, Gary Zukav is dedicated to the transformation in human consciousness – an entirely new threshold in the human experience. As a pioneering personality who helped bridge the worlds of science and spirituality, Gary simply aspires to be an instrument of a collective emergence: "While writing my first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, I discovered -- to my complete surprise -- inspiration that came from beyond my mind, nonphysical intelligences that I could not articulate, and the electricity of creating consciously with constructive intent. I had never experienced anything like this." 

Six million copies of his books have been published in 32 languages. His most recent book is Universal Human. With his insights, warmth, and contagious enthusiasm, Gary has touched millions of lives, particularly through his 36 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

While being a globally respected leader, Gary continues to carries a sincere reverence for each expression of life. Here's is a telling anecdote from the preface by Oprah:

I first read The Seat of the Soul in 1989.

As with all books I'm excited about, I had also bought copies for my friends and colleagues so everybody could be reading it at the same time. I happened to be the first to finish, which meant I had no one to discuss the book with. So, I got my hands on the Mount Shasta, California, phone directory and called Gary Zukav.

"Mr. Zukav, hello, my name is Oprah. I just want to talk to you about your book and would love for you to come on my show and share your --"

"What did you say your name was?"


"Could you spell that, please", he said.

I did. "O-p-r-a-h, and the 'h' is silent," I explained. And then I told him that I had a talk show, and had to explain what a talk show was, because had been without a TV for several years. This, of course, made me even more eager to speak with him. I wanted to know how he knew what he knew.

The Seat of the Soul changed the way I see myself. It changed the way I view the world. It caused a profound shift in the way I conduct all my relationships, business and personal.

Gary Zukav, alongside his spiritual partner Linda Francis, are founders of the Seat of the Soul Institute. After a Harvard degree in International Relations and motorcycle pilgrimage in Europe, Gary served in Vietnam as a former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer. Life eventually magnetized  him towards spirituality, and while authoring various books, he founding his calling in serving others. Today, he is the member of the Club of Budapest, a recipient of the World Business Academy Pathfinder Award for his Contribution to the Ongoing Evolution of Knowledge and Consciousness within the Global Business Community, and the Einstein Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his Contributions to the Psychosocial Growth of Humanity. 

We recently asked him a couple of questions, and he moved us profoundly with his tears and compassion:

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