The Way You Live Today

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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Your entire destiny is contained in and determined by the way you live today: the orientation you give to your thoughts and feelings, and the activities on which you choose to spend your energies.(…)

And since every single event goes down on record, when you live one splendid, eternal day, it is recorded. It can never die or disappear; it remains forever alive, a beacon and example to those that follow. Try to live just one perfect day, for it will influence all those that come after it; it will call a meeting with them to discuss their behaviour, and then it will persuade them to be as well balanced, orderly, and harmonious as itself.

As you have never studied the magical aspect, you think, ‘Oh, just one day – what difference can it make? I know that today wasn’t too good, but tomorrow will be better.’ Will it? It all depends. It can be if you try immediately to restore order. Otherwise it will be like a game of skittles: each day that falls knocks over the next one, and then another and another. (…)

This is something that has to be done every day: be conscious and aware at each instant of how you are using your energies. It is very easy to do; no special conditions are needed. You can do it while you are walking to work, on the bus, at the dentist’s, or in your own kitchen. Wherever you are, at any moment of the day, you can always glance into yourself and ask yourself: ‘How much will it cost to do such or such a thing? Is it really useful?’ It is absolutely essential to know exactly what to spend your energies on – I can never over-emphasize this.(…)

Let the word ‘harmony’ soak into you at every moment; keep it within you as a kind of tuning fork: if you feel that you are beginning to worry or get upset, pick it up and listen to it, and do nothing until you have tuned your whole being once more. Harmony is the foundation of every successful venture, every divine realization. Before undertaking any activity, whatever it may be, learn to concentrate on harmony and your work will bear fruit for the rest of eternity.

--Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov