Give Your Story As An Offering

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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Wait till you feel your own story like a dream, like a possibility, and then give it to the earth as an offering. Give your own story to the earth as an offering, full of meaning, full of possibilities, and full of the song of the soul, that ancient song, so ancient it was born before the beginning and yet also knows the meaning of time.

The earth has been so much cut up that it needs again to know wholeness, to be given wholeness as a gift. What you can offer is your own story which is your own wholeness, the essence of your becoming, to give that as a seed to the heart of the world. It has been given to you and so you give it, you pass it on, your own story, the essence of your own unfolding. Each moment we expect something to happen and so we do not give ourselves, not realizing that this gift is the happening. When we give ourselves to life, life is impregnated with the future. Life is longing to be opened, to be made holy, to be redeemed from so much materialism. And remember this is only the beginning, this opening to a different dimension of being.

You have arrived. There is nowhere else to go. You are where you ought to be. There is no future and no past in this moment. But you make it holy through giving yourself.

Just give the seed of your own story to life; open it with love and life will respond. Life will take your seed and place it in the heart of the world, where it will keep alive the fire that burns there, that burns in the heart of the heart of the world. That is your offering. That is all that you can ever give. Slowly the world will start to spin on a new axis of love.

--Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee