Releasing Your Specifications

Gary Zukav
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When you depend entirely upon the ability of your personality to determine what is best for you, you may stand in the way of a richness that is waiting for you. How do you know what the Universe has waiting for you if you take off your restrictions? If you are determined to have your life unfold in a particular way, and none other -– if you have your heart set on using your creativity only to accumulate money, for example -- consider that you build your entire reality around that. The Universe cannot help you in the same way that it can if you are trusting of it, because it can neither overshadow nor penetrate your choice. Yet what if what you are doing is more appropriately regarded in a social sphere rather than an economic one? In other words, what if the enterprise that you seek to develop is more appropriately a way to an avenue that you have not yet recognized? It is now deadlocked because it cannot go down its appropriate path, for you have your hand on a door that you insist upon opening that will go nowhere.

Can you see? Let go of what you think is just reward. Let go. Trust. Create. Be who you are. [...] Take your hands off the steering wheel. Be able to say to the Universe, 'Thy will be done,' and to know it within your intentions. Spend time in this thought. Consider what it means to say, 'Thy will be done,' and allow your life to go into the hands of the Universe completely. The final piece of reaching for authentic power is releasing your own to a higher form of wisdom.


Try looking at life as a beautifully well organized dynamic. Trust the Universe. Trusting means that the circumstance that you are in is working toward your best and most appropriate end. There is no when to that. There is no if to that. It is. Release your specifications ...

--Gary Zukav, From "The Seat of the Soul"

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