Opening the Door to a New Humanity

Janis Roze
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Over six billion different worldviews are walking on our earth. Every individual I-universe has one. Together we create and carry the vibrating, advancing, struggling humanity's creation – a moving, changing noosphere. The noosphere, a term popularized by Jesuit philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is described as the sphere around the earth produced by the human mind, emotions, ambitions, hopes and dreams. Let us remember that our individual mind, emotions, ambitions, hopes and dreams are an integral part of this human masterpiece. In that enterprise we all are coworkers. Many of us, however, are perplexed and wondering what kind of noosphere we are creating. Is it global society or global confusion? In these days of crises, violence and uncertainties we may ask again an old question, "Quo vadis, Homo sapiens", Where are we as humanity going? And we may also ask, Where am I going as an individual?

Let's leave aside for a moment all the magnificent complications of philosophies, ideologies, sciences, religions, traditions and ways of life. Let's accept them as rich fruit to nourish human consciousness. All of us, rich or poor, famous or not, powerful or powerless, educated or not, thinkers or doers, seekers or not seekers, believers or atheists, spiritualists or materialists are constructing our individual lives. In the ongoing effort of building our "personal empires" with a sense that we will live forever, we discover that we are an essential ingredient in the evolution of the cosmically unique human world. What an opportunity and responsibility!

Viewing the world situation, some signs suggest that we are gradually becoming insensitive, mechanized and dehumanized leading to a global catastrophe. Some other signs suggest that precisely due to this world crisis we are in process of opening the door to a New Humanity. Some see it and work for it with enthusiasm, intensity and love, some are reluctant, while many go around confused; but we all are marching together toward the New Humanity.

In addition to the "external" effort to better the human condition, the search for the door to the New Humanity is leading us inside, deep into our individual being where the essential human is woven into the authentic human. In special moments, out of the spiritual depth of every individual, the urge to recognize and express the authentic human bubbles up to the surface.

--Janis Roze

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