The Divine Superman

Sri Aurobindo
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It has been well said by one who saw but through a veil and mistook the veil for the face, that thy aim is to become thyself; and he said well again that the nature of man is to transcend himself. This is indeed his nature and that is indeed the divine aim of his self-transcending.

What then is the self that thou hast to transcend and what is the self that thou hast to become? For it is here that thou shouldst make no error; for this error, not to know thyself, is the foundation of all they grief and the cause of all thy stumbling.

That which thou hast to transcend is the self that thou appearest to be, and that is the man as thou knowest him, the apparent man. And what is this man? He is a mental being enslaved to life and matter; and where he is not enslaved to life and matter, he is the slave of his mind. But this is a great and heavy servitude; for to be the slave of mind is to be the slave of the false, the limited and the apparent.

The self that thou hast to become, is the self that thou art within behind the veil of mind and life and matter. It is to be the spiritual, the divine, the superman, the real 'purusha'. For that which is above the mental being, is the superman. It is to be the master of thy mind, thy life, thy body; it is to be a king over Nature of whom thou art now the tool, lifted above her who now has thee under her feet. It is to be free and not a slave, to be one and not divided, to be immortal and not obscured by death, to be full of light and not darkened, to be full of bliss and not the sport of grief and suffering, to be uplifted into power and not cast down into weakness. It is to live in the infinite and possess the finite. It is to live in God and be one with him in his being. To become thyself is to be this in all that flows from it.

--Sri Aurobindo

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