Creativity of Silence

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We can discover a new beauty of life in silence. When once you see that beauty, you will not be interested in the agitated cravings of the mind. You will see the limitations of your desires and wishful hopes which continue to keep you away from the creative present. The chain of desire and hope hinders the experiencing of the present. Hope is the pursuit of thought in time. With that pursuit we will never experience the creative state of timelessness.

We do have to act and work on the external level. But through the mind and its ambitious plans waiting to be fulfilled in the future, we remain busy all the time in the outer game. This constant outer drive becomes a chronic habit of the mind. Mind gets caught up in its own inertia. In this way, the mind dissipates all the energy of life with its mechanical and mundane drives in the outer world. Such one-sided activity of the energy creates an imbalance, divides the life, and makes one incapable of entering within.

The truly artistic state of being is not a life in isolation but the fullness of life. The whole person is involved. Body, mind, senses and spirit are jointly involved in a unique amalgamation. There is no separation between understanding and action, or between intelligence and _expression. The whole movement of life in the present is spontaneous and total.

He who works in this totality of being and spontaneity is an artist. He may work in any field of life, with any mode of expression, but a genuine artist will he be because of that quality of energy he carries within. For him, the work in the kitchen will be as meaningful as the work on canvas.

Art or creativity is the spontaneous expression of inner intelligence. Art is not merely a skill or a talent to be acquired through technique and practice, but it is an expression of the inner being, which is to be discovered in the state of total attention and silence. Silence of total energy is the womb of creativity.


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