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U2 (the band)
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Lead singer (of U2) Bono puts it this way: "There are two types of performers. There are performers that lay claim to their music as being - you know, that great music is just a reflection of their great self. But there's another type of performer," he continues. "He looks at the music as a reflection of greatness, of which he considers himself real lucky to be getting a glimpse into." [...]

True to their commitment to the individual's right to think and act for himself, they practice their spiritual convictions on an individual basis. "I just distrust people who want to change the world, but who don't want to change themselves," says Bono. "All the social evils that we see around us, they're all in a microcosm form in each of us. Who can point the finger?

"It's like what Christ said when they brought the adulteress forward," he continues. "They all expected this great teacher to at least chastise her, to really give it to her good, but he just said, 'Let he who is guiltless cast the first stone.'"

That awareness of the need for individual growth is reflected in the fact that U2's members say their music isn't about answers - it's about the search for answers.

-- from Christian Science Monitor, May 13, 1985
"Irish Rock Band Aims Straight for the Heart", Sara Terry

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