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Developing Mindsight

Dan Siegel

Oftentimes people hear the word mindfulness and think “religion,” but the reality is that focusing our attention in this way is a biological process that promotes health – as a form ...

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Our Situation on Earth

Albert Einstein

Our situation on this earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here involuntarily and uninvited for a short stay, without knowing the whys and the wherefore. In our daily lives we only feel that ...

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Force Of Love Is The Force Of Total Revolution

Vimala Thakar

A tender, loving concern for all living creatures will need to arise and reign in our hearts if any of us is to survive. And our lives will be truly blessed only when the misery of one is genuinely fe...

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Honor the Seed

Jim Ewing

Honor the seed. The words seem so simple. This is knowledge that was passed down to me from my father. Yet, today, those simple words — and sentiments — are so forgotten. My father, a b...

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Who Do We Choose To Be?

Margaret Wheatley

The powerful always defend the status quo because it is the source of their power and privilege. Any change that benefits others would destroy their position. And their position is all they care about...

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The Lovely State of Observation

Vimala Thakar

There are two parts of life. Motion and motionlessness. Movement is one part of life but to be in a state of no movement is also a substantial part of our life. Speech is on...

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We Have Forgotten Sabbath

Wayne Muller

A "successful" life has become a violent enterprise.  We make war on our own bodies, pushing them beyond their limits; war on our children, because we cannot find enough time to be with...

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Learning to 'Presence'

Peter Senge

When any of us acts in a state of fear or anxiety, our actions are likely to revert to what is most habitual: our most instinctual behaviors dominate, ultimately reducing us to our “fight &ndash...

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Meaning And The Song Of The Soul

Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

Meaning is what calls from the depths of the soul. It is the song that sings us into life. Whether we have a meaningful life depends upon whether we can hear this song, this primal music of the sac...

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Practice Without Integration is a Waste

Krishna Das

I once met Roshi Philip Kapleau, the author of The Three Pillars of Zen. He was one of the first Westerners to go to Japan and do intense practice there. He was suffering from very advanced Parkinson&...

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Illusion of Oneself

Alan Watts

"We need a new experience -- a new feeling of what it is to be 'I.' The lowdown (which is, of course, the secret and profound view) on life is that our normal sensation of self is a hoax, or, at best...

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Be Nobody

Lama Marut

Consider this: We all know that it is in those moments when we completely lose ourselves — engrossed in a good book or movie, engaged in an all-consuming task or hobby, or immersed in our child&...

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Bedrock On Which We All Stand

J. Krishnamurti

Do you realize, sir, that you are the world and the world is you? The world is not separate from you and me. There is a common thread of relationship weaving us all together. Deep down we are all tota...

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Signals Even GPS Cannot Detect

Aylie Baker

Returning to the US was always hard for me, in part because I began to notice how GPS technology was eroding what was left of our wayfinding capabilities. In the spring of 2013, I flew from Palau back...

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Who is 'me'?

Toni Packer

A somber day, isn't it? Dark, cloudy, cool, moist and windy. Amazing, this whole affair of "the weather!" We call it "weather," but what is it really? Wind. Rain. Clouds slowly parting. Not the words...

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Well-Knotted Rope

John Templeton

There is a scene in the marvelous movie Lost Horizons, in which a group of travelers become stranded in the Himalayas. They are met miraculously by a guide who provides them with warm clothing. The...

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Illusion of Money

Author Unknown

"Money Talks." Day in and day out, it is easy to find this exaggerated importance of wealth in society. Money is often rationalized as a means of survival but its utility in today's society goe...

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