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Joy Harjo

Remember the sky that you were born under, know each of the star’s stories. Remember the moon, know who she...

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Five Prayers

Thich Nhat Hanh

In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my blood family. I see my mother and father, whose blood, flesh, and vitality are circulating in my own veins and nourishing every cell in me. T...

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What Breaks Your Heart?

Maria Shriver

What breaks your heart? What does your soul long for? And, how is that connected to how you are living your life now? I love this question because it’s made me think about my passion and purp...

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Everything Human Is Natural

Alan Watts

Man is as much attached to nature as a tree, and though he walks freely on two legs and is not rooted in the soil, he is by no means a self-sufficient, self-moving, and self-directing entity. For his ...

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The New And Ancient Story Of Interbeing

Charles Eisenstein

Why does the sun shine? A random result of coalescing gases igniting nuclear fusion? Or is it in order to give its light and warmth to Life? Why does the rain fall? Is it the senseless product of blin...

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What I Learned In Africa

Henning Mankell

I ended up in Africa because the plane ticket there was cheapest. I came and I stayed. For nearly 25 years I’ve lived off and on in Mozambique. Time has passed, and I'm no longer young; in fact...

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Nature and Nonviolence

Thich Nhat Hanh

You don’t discriminate between the seed and the plant. You see that they ‘inter-are’ with each other, that they are the same thing. Looking deeply at the young cornstalk, you can s...

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Returning the Gift

Robin Wall Kimmerer

In the teachings of my Potawatomi ancestors, responsibilities and gifts are understood as two sides of the same coin. The possession of a gift is coupled with a duty to use it for the benefit of all. ...

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The Work Of Love Is To Love

Mark Nepo

My own time on earth has led me to believe in two powerful instruments that turn experience into love: holding and listening. For every time I have held or been held, every time I have listened or bee...

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What Happens When We Wonder?

Katie Steedly

When I think about wonder I think about waterfalls, newborn babies, and whales. I think about seeds, snowflakes, and rainbows. I think about lightening, skyscrapers, and silk. Wonder defies descriptio...

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Touching the Earth

Tracy Cochran

In the great myth of the Buddha’s journey, there came a point when he is completely overwhelmed. As he sits meditating under the Bodhi tree, the devil Mara sends temptations to distract him from...

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With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible

Facundo Cabral

You are not depressed; you are distracted. You believe that you have lost something, which is impossible, because everything that you have was given to you. You did not make a single hair of your head...

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Only Real Thing


Relationship is a mirror, and the purer the love is, the higher the love is, the better the mirror, the cleaner the mirror. But the higher love needs that you should be open. The higher love needs you...

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Compassion in Action

Ram Dass

I'm explicitly making my life a teaching, by expressing the lessons that I've learned through it so it can become a map for other people. Everybody's life could be like that, if they choose to make it...

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Excerpts from AHIMSA newsletter

Author Unknown

Excerpts from a newsletter of AHIMSA (Agency for Human Interconnectedness through Manifestation of Spiritual Awareness) ... "It is the divinity within the individual and the underlying ...

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