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Unattainable Goal of Peace

Aung San Suu Kyi

[Nobel Lecture, June 16, 2012] The peace of our world is indivisible. As long as negative forces are getting the better of positive forces anywhere, we are all at risk. It may be questioned whether a...

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When You Don't Choose Love You Choose Fear

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

If we could literally reach into you and remove all your fears – every one of them – how different would your life be? Think about it. If nothing stopped you from following your dreams, yo...

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Micro Moments of Love

Barbara Frederickson

It’s time to upgrade our view of love.  First and foremost, love is an emotion, a momentary state that arises to infuse your mind and body alike. Love, like all emotions, surfaces like a d...

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Sincerely Enthusiastic

Gretchen Rubin

I wanted to laugh more, I wanted to show more loving-kindness, and I also wanted to be more enthusiastic. I knew that it wasn't nice to criticize but it was fun. Why was it so deliciously satisfyi...

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Difference Between Healing and Curing

Michael Lerner, PhD

In my thirty years of working with cancer patients, I've seen a profound distinction between curing and healing. Curing is what a physician seeks to offer you. Healing, however, comes from with...

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Ego and the Illusion of Darkness

Swami Nithyananda

Q: How can we surrender the ego, when this wanting to surrender is itself an expression of the ego? Nithyananda: How are you going to surrender the ego, when it does not exist? Suppose you are sitt...

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Giving Within For-Give-Ness

Michael Bernard Beckwith

People often say that Jesus taught, "You should turn the cheek if someone smites you; you should turn the other cheek if they wrong you."  Many people interpret this as saying that if s...

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The Gift of New Eyes

Rachel Naomi Remen

Many years ago, I had just given a talk on the messages, both positive and negative, that we convey to our patients without our awareness; sometimes with words but often with just our tone of voice, o...

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Lessening the Power of Negative Emotions

The Dalai Lama

I profoundly believe that real spiritual change comes about not by merely praying or wishing that all negative aspects of our minds disappear and all positive aspects blossom. It is only by our concer...

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Feel Free To Set A Better Example

Ryan Holiday

At the core of legal theory is this idea that there are essentially two forms of liberty—positive and negative. Positive liberty is the freedom to do something, such as the freedom of speech or ...

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Releasing Willpower From Movement

Gert van Leeuwen

Initially, I used to move from willpower; I was concerned only with results. In retrospect, I realize that this created a sort of tunnel vision; my consciousness was debilitatingly limited. I allowed ...

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Logical Conclusion of Meditation


The absence of craving and aversion does not imply an attitude of callous indifference, in which one enjoys one’s own liberation but gives no thought to the suffering of others. On the contrary, ...

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Marshall Goldsmith

Walking under a ladder. Breaking a mirror. A black cat darting across our path. Whoa! Most of us scorn superstitions as silly beliefs of the primitive and uneducated. Deep down inside, we assure ours...

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Anger as an Opportunity

Author Unknown

An alias member (who prefers to stay anonymous) shares these thoughts: "How can I practice patience when there is no one to be angry with." -- Milarepa These simple words by Milarepa, the great ...

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