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To Be On A Spiritual Path

Jan Phillips

"To be on a spiritual path means to live mindfully, paying attention to the signs along the road and being conscious of our body — the vehicle we are traveling in — and of the needs a...

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Taking a Stand

Lynne Twist

Over two thousand years ago, the mathematician Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand and I’ll move the world.” Taking a stand is a way of living and being that draws on a place ...

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Art is a Life Raft

George S. Clinton

Art is a life raft. Many who become artists did so because they found refuge in art from some traumatic aspect of their early lives. I know I did. For me, it was about finding a safe creative space fr...

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Giving Within For-Give-Ness

Michael Bernard Beckwith

People often say that Jesus taught, "You should turn the cheek if someone smites you; you should turn the other cheek if they wrong you."  Many people interpret this as saying that if s...

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From Being Driven To Being Drawn

Richard Rohr

When I was a young man, I liked ideas and books quite a lot, and I still read a great deal. But each time I come back from a long hermitage retreat, I have no desire to read a book for the next few we...

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Be Cool to the Pizza Dude

Sarah Adams

If I have one operating philosophy about life it is this: “Be cool to the pizza delivery dude; it’s good luck.” Four principles guide the pizza dude philosophy. Principle 1: Cooln...

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Forgiveness & Your Life's Unfinished Business

Stephen Levine

 As awareness becomes yet subtler, able to discern even the muffled whispers of the mind, we are confronted with what a dying musician friend called “the Unfinished Symphony” – ...

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The Theory Behind Forgiveness

Ken Wilber

I always liked the Course's reliance upon forgiveness as a way to remeber the true Self. This is a somewhat unique approach, found in few of the other great wisdom traditions, which usually stress som...

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Effects of Adversity

Eranda Jayawickreme

Adversity may help people distinguish between events they can really control by changing their environment versus uncontrollable events. While they cannot change the environment in the latter case, th...

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Perception Is A Mirror

Edited by Frances Vaughan and Roger Walsh

You respond to what you perceive, and as you perceive so shall you behave.  Every response you make to everything you perceive is up to you, because your mind determines your perception of...

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How Observation Changes Relationships

Vimala Thakar

When we sit in silence what do we do? We sit and observe the voluntary and involuntary activities of the body and mind. Slowly the voluntary activities come to an end, but the involuntary activities...

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Surrender Your Data

Michael Quattrone

Surrender your data, and I will give you wisdom. Empty your bank accounts, and let me show you value. Shut your eyes to entertainment, and open them to beauty. Unplug your high-speed connection and I ...

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What Eugene Taught Me

Linda Lantieri

When I first met Eugene, he had been a peer mediator for several years in his South Bronx high school.  Once, when he was asked by his teacher to think about a goal he had for himself in the futu...

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Give It Your Best Anyway

Mother Theresa

It is reported that Mother Theresa had this on her wall ... People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ...

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Born With One Purpose

Marianne Williamson

We spend so much time on unimportant things -- things with no ultimate meaning -- yet for reasons no one seems to fully understand, such nonessentials stand at the center of our worldly existence. The...

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Peace Pilgrim

Blessed are they who give without expecting even thanks in return, for they shall be abundantly rewarded. Blessed are they who translate every good thing that they know into action, for even highe...

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