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You Carry Your Wound


You carry your wound. With the ego, your whole being is a wound. And you carry it around. Nobody is interested in hurting you, nobody is positively waiting to hurt you; everybody is engaged in safegua...

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Five Prayers

Thich Nhat Hanh

In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my blood family. I see my mother and father, whose blood, flesh, and vitality are circulating in my own veins and nourishing every cell in me. T...

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Reality Poses No Danger

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Things that are real pose no danger to the mind. The real dangers in the mind are our delusions, the things we make up, the things we use to cover up reality, the stories, the preconceived notions we ...

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Beauty of the Mosaic

Rosalina Chai

For as long as I recall having memory, I've found mosaic incredibly mesmerising. Alongside the increasing presence of grey hair on my head grew my awareness of how aptly the mosaic can serve as a ...

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A Portrait in Patience

Pavithra Mehta

Patience they said was a virtue. Only I wasn't ever quite sure why. I always saw her as a rather plain-faced girl with a sweet smile. Too sweet. She was wont to sit in a straight-backed chair. Legs c...

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Fueled By Love

Timber Hawkeye

When a parent sees their child is about to be attacked by someone, it doesn't matter how peaceful and calm they normally are, most parents would still resort to violence (or much wo...

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Becoming Master Artists

Eknath Easwaran

We do not have to accept ourselves as we are. Genetic code or brain bio-chemistry, astrological configurations or Tarot readings, early traumas or upbringing- none of these can ever limit our potentia...

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A Whole New Dimension Of Love

Tenzin Palmo

Everything is flowing. And this flow isn’t made up only of external things. It includes relationships, too. Some relationships last for a long time, and some don’t—that’s the w...

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It All Goes Wrong Anyway

Ajahn Brahm

Wherever you live -- in a monastery, in a city, or on a quiet tree-lined street -- you will always experience problems and difficulties from time to time. This is just the nature of life. So when you ...

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Forgiveness & Your Life's Unfinished Business

Stephen Levine

 As awareness becomes yet subtler, able to discern even the muffled whispers of the mind, we are confronted with what a dying musician friend called “the Unfinished Symphony” – ...

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Space To Heal

Thuy Nguyen

Healing requires space. As we plow through day to day life, we dream about finding a time when there will be space to heal, rejuvenate and refuel. Some of us are holding off until the weekend, wh...

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Willing to Experience our Suffering

Charlotte Joko Beck

 A few weeks ago someone gave me an interesting article on suffering, and the first part of it was on the meaning of the word – “suffering”. I’m interested in these meanin...

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Learning to Suffer More Effectively

Shinzen Young

Psychological grasping is your main source of suffering, not the  physical sensations in your legs -- that is to say, how much you are tightening psychologically around those sensations is the ma...

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The Dark Side of the Sacred

Miriam Greenspan

Emotions live in the body. It is not enough simply to talk about them, to be a talking head. We need to focus our attention on emotions where they live. This willingness to be present allows the emoti...

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Weakness in Others

Author Unknown

"A weakness found in someone is yet another in ourselves." It can be rather easy to find a weaknesses or pass some judgement on others, but does it make sense to have this conditioned response? Peop...

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