Speaker: Sheetal Sanghvi

Creating an Urban Oasis

The Urban Ashram, an urban oasis in the heart of the city of Pune, is a space to dedicated to the work of inner transformation. Sheetal Sanghvi, the founder of this space considers himself as a pilgrim on his way back home to the source. He remembers starting his spiritual enquiry early in his life when he lost his father at the age of 9. The incident left a deep impact on him, and he starting seeking answers to life's big questions.

When he accepted a scholarship to study at a management school in Chicago in early 2003, his family expected him to finish his studies and come back to participate in his family business back home. Destiny on the contrary had other plans for him.

It was while studying in Chicago that he discovered his love for yoga quite serendipitously at a yoga studio near his apartment. As his yoga practice deepened so did his quest to go on a journey to seek answers. During this time he remembers being in a constant state of surrender and prayer asking the Universe for signs on "How to come back home to the source?". This was also a period of extensive seeking, as he went Ashram hopping across the US and then India in search of an authentic teacher. Though he met some really amazing teachers in his journeys, his heart was not satisfied and the search continued.

It was while attending an Awakin gathering at Santa Clara in that period, that he had this "aha" moment: "A community of noble friends can also be spiritual teachers to each other!" This realization planted the seeds of what was to manifest as The Urban Ashram.

Today, the Urban Ashram is a space where community gathers regularly for yoga, Wednesdays, inspiring talks by incredible pilgrims, giftivism projects such as a book library and hand crafted Wisdom Crafts, Laughter Yoga, inspirational movie nights as well as musical Satsangs by traveling artists among other activities.

Sheetal and his wife Khushmita live and work at the Urban Ashram, opening their home and hearts to everyone...

Please join us this Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 9am PDT/12pm EST/5pm GMT/9:30pm IST to hear about the journey of this eternal pilgrim as his Moved by Love project completes five years of service to the community.

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