Speaker: Liz Helgesen

Bringing Heaven to the Mundane

Liz Raphael Helgesen is a passionate wife, mom, friend, volunteer and professional voiceover talent with a purpose of bringing heaven down to earth in even the tiniest, most mundane ways. With everything she touches and everyone she supports and serves - her husband, children, family, friends, clients and in her volunteer work, Liz works and prays that each mundane task reach its highest purpose, fulfill its very meaning for being.

To Liz, it’s all about ‘how’. How she stuffs an envelope in service, how she raises her family, how she speaks a particular syllable of the Thought of the Week, a voice greeting, or marketing message for a customer...all with the purpose bringing human kindness and goodness in to the world.

Her hope is to make even the tiniest change in the life of another person. Help someone hear something a little bit differently.

The ServiceSpace ecosystem is grateful to her for graciously gifting her beautiful voice to our weekly wisdom readings. And she has been doing these recordings unconditionally for years.....

Come and join us on Saturday the 6th of April to catch a glimpse of the beautiful person behind the beautiful voice...

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