Speaker: Madhu Anziani

The Healing Power of Sound and Vibration

**Please note this call is on Friday, rather than our usual Saturdays.

"Losing all of the basic functions of being a human being was the greatest teacher," says musician and composer Madhu Anziani. "It was an opportunity to go fully into the teachings I had received around energy, sound, and vibration."

In a baseball cap, hoodie, and jeans, Madhu stands behind a table, singing, swaying, and commanding a loop station, easy and natural as can be. There are no visible signs of his serious accident at the age of 23, during which a broken neck and spinal cord injury left him paralyzed from the neck down, incontinent, and unable to breathe on his own. Left only with his mind and its despairing thoughts, amid a flurry of emotions and poor prognoses, Madhu was forced to discover the gaps between his thoughts. And to realize the immense healing potential of his voice.

At the time, Madhu was just about to graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in jazz and world music performance. He had also just attended his first reiki workshop, a Japanese form of energy healing. Supported by his parents and community, Madhu began to apply sound practices. From his hospital bed, he practiced or listened to them day and night. Two and a half months later, upon his discharge, he walked out of the hospital on his own two legs, an extraordinary healing that was featured in the book, Energy Medicine, by Jill Blakeway. With humility and grace, he distills the process to this: "The primary purpose of a voice is to create vibration. We have this beautiful gift, and we can either create harmony or disharmony." Since his recovery, Madhu has been bringing harmony in a myriad of ways to all dimensions of himself, his ancestors, and the community at large.

Madhu was born and raised in a Jewish-Puerto Rican family in the Bay Area, California. When he was in high school, he learned how to meditate from his grandmother. She also taught him how to do toning, an ancient sound healing practice in which vowels are elongated. "The vibrations can heal on the physical level, and can transform the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, too." There is the sound, he explains, and then the silence between the sounds. The silence allows for the transformation of the sound to integrate more deeply into cellular memory. Toning, he continues, is a way to create space, and this allows us to live our lives with more spaciousness and flow.

Madhu is perhaps best known as a vocal looping artist, musician, and composer. He studied jazz and world music at San Francisco State University, and is a regular lecturer there. He chants in numerous ancient languages, including Sanskrit, Tibetan, Shipibo, Quechua, and Hebrew. His music can be found on Spotify and other platforms, as well as under the name The Sami Brothers.

Madhu is also a healer and ceremonialist, befitting of his name, which means "sweet nectar of the elders." He offers sessions in clinical hypnotherapy, vocal lessons, sound healing, and ancestral divination. Respectively, he is certified in sound, voice, and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sanctioned as a teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Ancestral Peruvian Healing Arts, which offers apprenticeship in earth honoring rituals and living in sacred reciprocity with spirits of nature. Blessed by Master Mingtong Gu to teach 5-Organ Sound Healing for emotional purification in the lineage of Wisdom Healing Qigong, Madhu has also been initiated as a stick diviner in the West African Dagara tradition, and serves as a medium between this world, the ancestral world, and the spirits of nature.

"The whole universe is vibration. So when we make vibrations, we are communicating with the whole universe. We are vibrational beings in a vibrational experience."

Please join us with this creative maker of harmony and healing in a call that will be part-conversation, part-workshop, with an invitation to explore sound, vibration, and the essence of being.

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