Speaker: Danny Martin

Art of Dialogue

Danny Martin is a thought leader and an  environmentalist, bringing for a unique combination of spirituality and consciousness of our natural world. "People are not changed by information, they have to be grabbed. Some kind of human transformation has to happen to create change," he notes.

Childhood in Belfast, working as a Catholic Priest in Kenya, and working with the legendary Thomas Berry on his PhD were among the formative influences in his life.  Much of his life has been spent as a convener and facilitator of "conversations that matter," particularly on topics affecting the environment.  "Dialogue is the art of creative interaction that allows new meaning to emerge.  It is through that Dialogue that we learn to survive and thrive in the world."

His journey led him to a doctorate in ecology, and more recently, he has worked with the United Nations on the construction of the Earth Charter -- a vision statement of the future that is signed by more than 4500 major organizations around the globe.

His current passion is guiding leaders on a journey to understand the importance (and art) of dialogue, which creates space for genuine group inquiry.  

Join us on Saturday, April 20th to dive into dialogue with Danny Martin!

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