Speaker: Linda Scotson

Breathing Miracles Into Being: A Mother's Journey from Artist to Neuroscientist

Linda Scotson is an artist-turned-neuroscientist, and founder of the Linda Scotson Technique (LST) -- an approach that has restored functionality and well-being in the lives of thousands of people navigating a wide-range of health conditions, including autism, brain injuries, anxiety, hypertension and much more.

Three days after his birth, Linda Scotson's son Doran was given a terrible prognosis. His back arched, his hands were fisted, his eyes crossed, he couldn't hear. She was told that he had severe athetoid cerebral palsy and severe bilateral hearing loss.  His doctors explained that he would never be able to sit, stand, walk independently or feed himself and was unlikely to have any form of speech.  She cradled her son in her arms, knowing in this case that love alone would not be enough. 

Today, 41-year-old Doran has an athletic body, runs half marathons, travels independently and is a talented artist, who continues to gain ability and skills.  Doran has achieved more than any physiotherapist or medical professional ever believed.  This incredible transformation has come about as a gradual and continuously rewarding process, led by his incredible and committed mother, Linda.

Her son's diagnosis catapulted Linda out of known life as an artist and into a journey that has now encompassed 20+ years of PhD research on the neuroscience of abnormal breathing, its adverse impact on the mind and body, and painstaking research and development of techniques to address these issues. 

What started as a journey to help her disabled son achieve his potential, has become a life-changing gift to thousands of people over nearly 25 years to improve their physical and mental well-being in scientifically-proven ways.  Through years of academic research, Linda developed the LST technique to directly strengthen the diaphragm using non-invasive, non-drug-based methods.  Applying light pressure on targeted parts of this incredibly important postural muscle strengthens it, and helps it to function more effectively.  This in turn increases oxygen in tissue and cells throughout the entire body and especially the brain -- stimulating a life-long, self-healing process. 

People of all ages, who have practiced the LST technique combined with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Linda's center, have experienced consistent improvements across a broad range of health conditions including anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties, poor posture, hypertension, joint pain, respiratory illnesses, depression, grief, heart conditions, digestion problems, asthma, vision issues, circulation problems, stamina and more.  It also has especially transformed the lives of thousands of children who suffer from all types of neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, autism/asd/add, epilepsy and other brain injuries.

In 1996, Linda founded a charity, Advance Centre, to support children with neurological issues and she has since expanded her work to support thousands of people with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. The story of her center and its connection to her son's journey are beautifully captured in this 2-minute video.

Join us in a 2-hour conversation with this incredibly dedicated scientist and healer!

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