Speaker: Narendra Kini

Heartfulness and the Quest for an Integrated Life

On the outside, Narendra Kini (Naren) is a successful Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, executive, and technologist. On the inside, he is an artist, poet, and heartful seeker of spirituality, peace, inner beauty, and truth.

Naren has co-founded or managed thriving companies and startups in areas such as technology consulting and artificial intelligence (AI). His current organization Global Touchpoints, of which he is co-founder and CEO, delivers applications, data and cloud solutions to a range of public and private sector clients. 

Born an identical twin, Narendra is a practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation and an imbiber of the writings of Swami Vivekananda for over 25 years.  He gives talks, provides corporate training in meditation, and writes articles – on subjects including inner joy, heartful ripples, inner beauty, generosity and community, true purpose, uncovering inspiration and creativity, work-life balance, empathy and compassion at workplace. Outside of his work, Naren takes an hour each day for artistic expression by sketching subjects that are mostly inspired through inner silence and reflection.

Naren is a trainer and volunteer at the Heartfulness Institute that offers free training on wellness and meditation to individuals and organizations. Naren lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Sandhya (also a Heartfulness practitioner and trainer).

Join us in conversation with this heartful technologist and entrepreneur!

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