Speaker: Daya Devi-Doolin

All I Need to Know is Inside

Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin is known as a “Doctor of Thought." She is the co-founder, with her husband Chris, of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary International, a center established in in Deltona, Florida in 1989 that offers alternative modalities of healing and Gentle Hatha Yoga, including free yoga classes to the community. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher who trains students in the Usui Reiki method of self-healing and healing of others.

Rev. Doolin is an Ordained Minister, certified BodyTalk practitioner, spiritual healer & counselor, speaker, TV/Radio personality, and award-winning author. She has assisted thousands of clients through workshops, lectures, radio shows, books, interviews, personal coaching and healings globally for 30 plus years. Rev. Doolin is the author of eight books, including Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African American Community: If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga and Find Inner and Outer Peace (a yoga book for beginners and the young at heart), and The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success!.

Rev. Doolin draws on her rich personal background and inner journey in helping people to see a better, healthier life for themselves.  Having suffered under a physically abusive marriage for 10 years, she learned about the power of yoga.  “During the time I was married I found out about Yoga through my first Yoga teacher Bharat J. Gajjar in Wilmington, DE.  He founded the Sivananda Yoga Center there.  I found out that Yoga was more than physical postures and I grew strong within by studying it.”

Her practice of yoga has been instrumental in giving her both strength in life, and in opening her up to the serendipitous giving of the universe.  One night, when her former husband started strangling her from behind while their first young child of 5 years old was watching, she describes that “somehow his hold around my neck was broken by an angel.…. The next morning while in the bathroom getting ready to go teach school and take my oldest Ty to kindergarten, I started singing a song that was being made up as I went on. It asked, Am I ready Lord?  The answer was I am ready Lord – then let it BE.  I walked out of the bathroom, got my clothes on didn’t say a word to ex – got my little boy and started walking down the steps to head out the front door.  I had no place in mind I was going to live in with Ty. When I got to the bottom step, the phone rang. I answered it. It was a yoga friend of mine. He asked me if I knew of anyone who needed a place to live in return for babysitting and buying groceries for this family he knew.  Of course I was taken aback about at how quickly my ‘problem’ was solved. My little boy and I ended up living there in a huge apartment with our own bedroom.  I didn’t take clothes or furniture.  I left everything behind.  In a dream shown to me months prior, I saw all the perfume bottles, hair brushes and other toiletries I had on the dresser and night stand were cleared off – empty.  I didn’t understand until later what that was showing me.”

Rev. Doolin currently is a wife and musician partner with husband Chris under the name aka Level Seven and the mother of two beautiful adult sons, Tyler and Joseph.

“My Guru taught me everything about Yoga and I am still learning – that was more than 50 years ago. Now I am teaching Hatha Yoga and have been for 50 plus years. I have taught my current husband of 39 years and my two sons, and we stay healthy happy and whole. We help the planet by instilling the Yogic Lifestyle of living and loving. There have been many, many mentors in my life that have kept me stayed on the path of Truth without wavering.”

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