Speaker: Lara Galinsky

Tuning In to Moments of Obligation as Life Purpose

Lara Galinsky once asked a question, “What would the world look like if we all owned a problem?”  One has only to look at her life to view the powerful change the answer to this question could represent.  From her beginnings as national program director at Do Something to her work as senior vice president of Echoing Green, a nonprofit organization seeking to identify, invest in, support, and unleash next generation social entrepreneurs, Lara’s focus is to recognize and support those individuals who are striving to help solve the world’s biggest problems.

As a Leadership and Purpose coach, Lara launched Work on Purpose, a program at Echoing Green which inspires and equips the Millennial generation to build lives and careers that are both right for them and good for the world.  She is the co-author of two books that have become cornerstones of the program: Work on Purpose (2011) and Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact (2007).  

Lara is currently serving as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the start-up Future Laboratories, a social innovation incubator for new solutions to entrenched problems in America. She also serves as a business developer for The Women's Building, a groundbreaking new project led by the NoVo Foundation to transform a former women's correctional facility in downtown Manhattan to a 100,000 square feet physical home for activism, community, and reclamation by women and girls.

Lara serves as a coach for impact-driven leaders and facilitates teams to have powerful conversations to unlock their greatest work together. She is founding co-chair of Wesleyan's Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship and vice chair of Initiative for Medicine Access & Knowledge (I-MAK) to ensure life-saving drugs are affordable to people around the world who need them the most. And most importantly, she is a mother and friend who tries to live from the highest purpose of generating love in the world.

Her numerous articles help individuals to find and recognize our own moments of obligation or demonstrate that it is possible to blow bubbles and grow a family while creating a successful social enterprise.  Lara’s life demonstrates what purposeful women leadership can look like.

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