Speaker: Leah Pearlman

From FaceBook to Dharma Comics

We are so happy to have Leah Pearlman as our guest for this Sunday's Forest Call.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet Leah, one of the first things that you might notice is her glow, illuminating from within. As the creator of the adorably inspiring Dharma Comics and the co-founder of the Happiness Institute in San Francisco, this will be a unique opportunity to learn about Leah's inner journey over the past few years.  

Not too long ago, after graduating with a computer science degree from Brown University, she held a highly coveted position with Facebook and worked double digit hours everyday. But after her father became ill with cancer, Leah underwent a deep introspection that led her to experience a whole new world, her inner world.  

After taking a leave of absence from Facebook, life took Leah to Burning Man, and then later, through travels in South Asia, where she sat in her first Vipassana meditation course.  Reflecting on Burning Man, Leah has said that for the first time in her life, she was guided by aesthetics instead of achievement. And ten days of silence and meditation in the Vipassana course inspired Leah to fully grasp the wisdom of the world lying deep within her.  
After these life changing realizations, there was no turning back. Back in San Francisco, after months of engagement with an incredible personal life coach, Leah co-created a physical space called the Happiness Institute, which encourages the cultivation and deepening of our individual and collective happiness.  As a recent guest speaker at the Wisdom 2.0 (with the likes of Ekhart Tolle), Leah shared how she was able to discover her gifts and the joy she receives by sharing them with the world. Her story and insights invite us to reevaluate what we value in life and why.  We all seek happiness but are we allowing ourselves the time and space to realize what really make us come alive?  

This Saturday join us in our conversation with Leah Pearlman. To learn more about Leah, you can also read here:



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