Speaker: David Brown Jr.

On Forgiveness and Embracing Adversity to Discover Purpose

David Brown Jr. is an author, leadership coach and management consultant who draws upon the personal transformation he experienced as a result of personal crisis and tragedy as a platform for helping individuals and organizations learn how to navigate adversity, discover inner peace and chase their purpose.  In November 2013, as a new husband and father, David found himself dealing with a defining tragedy of his life, the international parental abduction of his 11-month-old daughter by his then-wife. While meditating on his separation from his daughter, David came upon and ultimately articulated a series of principles that allowed him to find peace. Rather than being governed by resentment and anger, he began to see life from a lens of compassion and forgiveness.

Not knowing whether he would ever see his daughter again, David began writing letters to his daughter sharing the principles.  "When my daughter was abducted, writing letters to her from my heart began the healing process for my grieving, finding compassion for myself and opening the pathway to loving kindness and forgiveness for my ex-wife."  He published the letters as a book, Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity, which became a chronicle of his personal spiritual awakening as well as a story of love, forgiveness and healing.

"As I was writing, I was going through this whole awakening process," David recounts. "I went from being angry and ashamed and embarrassed and feeling guilty about my marriage falling apart and really being a part of creating this fear that would force my ex-wife to make this decision to leave, not only to leave me but to leave the country and to take my daughter from me. . . . The things that I was learning about myself through this awakening, things like following my heart and loving unconditionally and forgiving and being grateful, we all can benefit from looking at life from a different lens." 

David's mission is to help people re-frame their realities for the sake of the greater good of humanity. He believes that redefining our collective relationship to power, honesty and compassion will support positive personal and global outcomes.  By using the eight universal principles from his book Letters for Lucia as a foundation, David seeks to create deep paradigm shifts in the hearts of those who receive his inspirational message.

Prior to being a thought leader in the consciousness evolution movement, David was a senior leader at several Fortune 500 companies. He has earned a degree in finance from University of Delaware, an Executive MBA from Villanova and is studying organizational leadership. His ultimate goal is to take the deeper values he experienced during his personal transformation and bring it back into corporate America and into the organizational structures within which so many people experience their working lives. He has recently founded David Brown Jr. Enterprises, a mission-driven organization that offers personal and leadership development solutions and management consulting services. He has a high desire to encourage others to awaken to their passions and begin to lead more purposeful lives.

David is a certified Reiki Master practitioner and life transformation coach.

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