Speaker: Howard Glasser

Transforming the Difficult Child

In his own words, Howard Glasser was a "doozy of a kid -- as difficult as they come."

Having known all too well the ins and outs of a challenging childhood, for the last 20 years, Howard has been fueling a Nurtured Heart Approach of working and communicating with children. He's authored a series of books, including the best-seller on ADHD, Transforming the Difficult Child, and has been called one of the most influential living persons working to reduce children’s reliance on psychiatric medications.

It all came about in a path less trodden. In the midst of doctoral research in Clinical Psychology and Educational Leadership, he veered down a 10-year road towards a different dream: woodworking. After months of sweeping floors, moving cabinets and sanding, he eventually become an accomplished cabinetmaker, and then a sculptor of unique curved wood pieces.

"Mastering this craft got me out of my head and into my heart. It afforded me the time, space and the luxury to find my spirit, kindness and love for humanity," he notes. When he returned to working as a therapist, he bore fresh eyes: for the first time since beginning his higher education, he was unencumbered by the theories and philosophies of others.

This led him to viscerally draw from his childhood intensity to offer the families he treated tools to shift the dynamics with their child. Urged by a local therapeutic program to present his powerful results, he finally accepted a speaking invitation to share his techniques. Soon after, he and a crew of therapist friends launched the Tucson Center for the Difficult Child, which became a homebase for their work in developing their approach.

Howard has been a featured guest on CNN, a consultant for 48 Hours, and has consulted for numerous psychiatric, judicial, and educational programs. He is the president of the Children Success Foundation and currently instructs educators, parents and therapists in this work through live presentations and Internet-based courses via the Nurtured Heart Online University.

Join us, on Saturday, March 19th, to dive deeper into his illuminating journey.

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