Speaker: Gwhyneth Chen

Can Music Trigger Inner Transformation?

Gwhyneth Chen, a world renowned pianist from Taiwan, has played over a thousand concerts, won the most prestigious award given to pianists, and represented Taiwan at the Olympics.

One day, she slipped onto the piano bench beside her teacher.  Moved by the spirit of the music, her little fingers danced on the ivory keys and she had this thought, "I want to make people happy with music." That was in kindergarten.  

Being of humble means, she couldn't afford musical instrument -- let alone piano -- but her uncle gifted her a toy piano and that started her journey.  After her family immigrated to the US, her piano skills blossomed, ultimately winning the National Finals in Junior High and High School divisions.  Along the way, she was gifted two beautiful gowns; and she went to the mall for the first time to buy a pair of shoes.  Until the end of high-school, she played all her concerts and competitions in those two gowns and one pair of shoes.

She went on to Juilliard, and at twenty-three, she was the youngest contestant to compete at the Pogorelich International competition.  Describing her finals, she says: "I played with my eye closed, until my hands went away, until my body went away, and even until the audience went away.  There was just music and it filled the universe."  She not only won, but Ivo Pogorelich said on CNN: "She is too good to be true."  And the 100 thousand dollar prize?  She donated all of it.

Join us for a remarkable conversation with a pianist and learn how she has used music as an instrument for inner transformation, within herself and the world.

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